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Uncontrolled Anger and Innocent Bystanders

January 28, 2010

So I was looking for new ideas for my next blog idea I came across several articles that just made me want to cry. Most of them dealing with angry people but two stood out the most, the first was a spat between neighbors where 33 dogs were slaughtered…slaughtered!!!!! The second was a LA assistant fire chief that beat the dog he was returning to it’s family, all because it bit his thumb and wouldn’t let go. Now I understand taking procedures to get the dog to let go but beating it to the point that it needed to be euthanized?!?

So in the first story one neighbor a Mr. Russell Mendoza claimed one of his neighbors 39 dogs had killed his fox terrier. He then with another person went over and just shot for 20 minutes straight all the dogs that he could. “She [I’m assuming this is inspector vicki] said the dogs were screaming, but the men ignored a witness’s pleas to do the killings more humanely. One of the injured dogs went to bite the rifle and the shooter blew its head off.”

The man just claimed that one of the dogs killed his, claimed, it’s not even confirmed yet he felt the need to go and kill 33 dogs in one of the most inhumane ways ever. The article talks of screams and odd sounds, blood being everywhere. From the way it sounds it was a dog massacre!!!! In the article it quotes the SPCA as saying “the incident was a frightening example of animal abuse and the dogs would have cowered in fear as others around them died.”

I couldn’t even imagine walking into that scene could you? This is horrible, in so many ways. That makes me fear and feel for the dogs as I read this article. Now thankfully the article is about how the three year maximum jail sentence isn’t long enough for these SOB’s and from my point of view and anyone else who reads that article, damn straight it isn’t. These two men went over to that yard with the intent of massacring these animals. They showed no emotion when they killed these animals, after killing and hearing pleas and whines from ones that hadn’t been shot. They did not care! They should be put in jail for life, I mean had they went and massacred people they would get the death penalty or life. I’m not saying that humans and dogs lives should be put on the same level because that’s just not how society works but for something of this scale I believe it should in some respect be treated that way. This is an act greater than harming one dog this was 33 dogs killed, 1 life for 33. It’s downright depressing and these people understood what they were doing, why should they get off so easy. If they can’t get life in prison then how about 25 years or something to that equivalent or hey how about a year for every dog they murdered mercilessly on that one fateful day. Oh and police are taking away the firearms that’s great now that all those dogs are dead and these men are going to prison most likely I can see how taking those guns is just so very effective…but hey at least the police are doing something! Stupid people with guns and uncontrolled anger…

What happened to the good ol’ days when a man would sue the crapt out of their neighbors for their animal killing theirs and then making them pay ten times what they paid for their lost pet. No the money doesn’t bring the pet back but it’s humane it’s what normal people should do or go to authorities and have them confiscate this mans 39 dogs. But shoot them?!?!? I can’t even fathom this I mean really read the article it’s heart wrenching and it just   makes you really realize what cruel injustices are being done to our four legged friends on a daily basis. Maybe not on that scale but on a daily basis somewhere, someone is murdering a pet, either their own or somebody’s animal and doing it in just an absolutely inhumane way! I mean this article is from New Zealand! It’s a completely different country and yet you know that this “stuff” happens in every country. Neighbors even pleaded with them as they performed the act and yet they ignored their pleas and the pleas of the dogs they were murdering. This was an act of uncontrolled anger and a very poorly thought out plan, I would be rather pissed it my dog was killed by a neighbors dog but I certainly wouldn’t kill them.  The article was done by

So I pose this question to you: If your beloved pet be it cat, dog, hamster, rabbit, whatever, was killed by a neighbor’s pet what would you do? Would you even fathom being able to go over and shoot the place up, devise some way to kill their animal? Think about it.

As I mentioned I had found a second article this one by which involved an LA assistant fire chief that beat the living daylights out of a dog. A dog which was probably scared and confused about what was happening. Another neighbor dispute that led to a very unfair act upon the neighbors pet.

This assistant fire chief was neighbors with the Tooles, neither of them getting along with each other. These neighbors had issues, if the man is putting dog feces into the Tooles mailbox and heck the man is on record as beating his own daughter once! Clearly he has anger issues.

It doesn’t say straight out but being neighbors I’m gonna go ahead and say the dog got out as dogs do on occasion and this man happened to catch Karley in his yard. Picked the dog up which is not the best idea especially if you’re rough with it which he may or may not have been. Either way not very smart, so the dog bit his thumb and wouldn’t let go. Which any dog owner knows a) it happens and b) there are several humane ways of making the dog let go, one being just pry the dogs mouth open, or some other improvised way, I mean it’s a dog he can be overtaken without harming him seriously…

Did this man try, doesn’t say but he said the dog would not let go…ok maybe he tried one or two ways, dogs can be quite obstinate, but neighbors say they saw Officer Johnson “punch the dog repeatedly, rip his jaw open, and take a large 10-12-pound rock to beat the dog over the head.”

Awful right? After Johnson was done with Karley the dog then “managed to crawl to a ravine where his family found him and took him to a hospital. Karley was diagnosed with a broken jaw, three skull fractures, collapsed ear canal, and one of his eye had popped out of its orbit. Due to the severity of Karley’s injuries, he was euthanized.”

Angry neighbors tsk tsk. I wish there was something we could do to prevent these acts of cruelty. Such as if a neighbor is showing signs of brutality and you are afraid for your pets safety that you can put a doggy restraining order on him or just do something. It could also be said that neighbors should be more careful about their pets, which is very true however I know from experience it isn’t always possible to keep a dog inside they have the bad habit of getting loose every now and then. No one’s fault but it happens and it’s a shame this happened to Karley.

On the plus side Karley’s owners are trying to pass a law that will make it worse for animal abusers, and Johnsons fellow firemen showed up to his court date wearing Firemen against animal abuse shirts. So at least we know that his fellow firemen understand that he did something horrible and were willing to show it. But this law started when Karley’s owners found out that animals are treated as property, such as a chair or couch. Which they aren’t they live, they breathe and they have hearts. This is a good bill and you can read about it more in the article. I hope it passes.

As a final word because this is getting to be a bit long haha. There isn’t anything you can do about bad neighbors, all’s you can do is recognize the signs, and control your own animal. It’s not much but even if the neighbor doesn’t attack your pet, they can call in authorities if yours killed their animal or bit them and then the law will be on their side in most cases. I mean a chihuahua got killed for being on it’s own porch and then biting an officer that went up to it. Family came home to find blood on their door. Did anything come of that, no. The dog bit authorities. So if you leave the house, lock it up all windows and doors and make sure your animal is inside. And hopefully one day laws will be more strict on animal abusers and maybe one day neighbors who show signs of anger and possible abuse can be stopped before they harm any animal. All this just makes me sick, maybe send them to anger management classes, there is too much uncontrolled anger out in the world these days.

All this is a bit depressing, so to make you feel a bit better if you’re feeling a little down right now, in other news a dog was rescued from an ice flow in the baltic sea. See so there are happy endings for many dogs out there.

Dog Buried Alive?!?

January 27, 2010

Yes you read the title right, while browsing Facebook the other day I came across a note titled “Lincolnton, NC Puppy Buried Alive and Now in Gassing Shelter, Please Save this Baby. Miracle Puppy.” A female worker at an animal shelter posted pictures and story of a dog in desperate need of help and saving. The Facebook users name is Forthebullies her site is open and she posts dogs that need saving quite often.

This pup, and I do mean pup, is only 6 months old, had written for him, “I am 1-80 and determined to live..I was buried in a box in my families yard…they were crazy and it almost killed me. I am only six months old and a miracle boy. They have been so nice here at AC to me . I lived through being buried in the box..the only way I was saved was because my neighbors heard me crying and gasping for air…Our AC is so nice they saved my life and now I need to get out of there…there are so many of us pups here that they may have no choice but to put in a another box to die in a gas chamber…Please Help me!!! I am still not stable from being buried…I need to get out of here! Please help me…don’t let me go in another box to die!” (I think AC means Animal Control at least it fits if you replace all the AC’s with Animal Control)

I don’t know if, it’s because the story is meant to be written from the dogs point of view or just the fact he was buried, I’m assuming the latter because this is an outrageous act of violence against an innocent dog, but I am shocked! I immediately wanted to help this dog until I remembered…oh ya! I am in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets and my parents wouldn’t help, not to mention I don’t have the funding to care for a dog.

All’s I have to say is Thank goodness this neighbor heard the dog, and thank goodness for lazy people. If the neighbors were able to hear the dog, he couldn’t have been buried very deep, unless the neighbors are in a habit of putting their ears down on the ground to listen to other people’s yards. It’s like ‘Oh hey I’m bored, you bored?’ ‘Yeah man what do you want to do?’ *Looks over at dog* ‘Let’s bury the dog alive in a box! See how long he can last!’ ‘Sure that sounds fun!’

Seriously what leads to people doing such acts of cruelty, do you know? Because I sure don’t, I can’t even wrap my mind around the idea. I’m the kind of person who is just now accepting the fact that her families dog is turning 12 this year and cries every time she thinks about the fact he only has a few years left, if that. So to bury a dog, or do other bodily harm to a dog is beyond me. I understand owning a dog, getting mad at them, but also instantly regretting ever being mean because all’s they want to do is love and be loved!

Can I also throw a shout out to Facebook, because without that nifty networking site, these animals might not get saved. Every day I see posts asking people to save a dog that is about to die. Every day I see that within hours of that post going up that dog is saved. Why? Why do people do that? Because dogs are amazing, and that communication restores my faith in people. For every person out there willing to harm a pet in some horrible way there are several people willing to save that animal. Of course is doesn’t always work out but people try, and although the thought doesn’t save an animals life, it does show that people care. So thank you Facebook for giving people that opportunity, and thereby restoring my faith in mankind. By the way the dog mentioned above was saved and these are his pictures.

On a side note, more people should think about what it means to buy a pet before they actually do. I’m not just talking about people who don’t have the money and buy dog’s prematurely; I’m talking about people who go out and get a dog without thinking about their future. Yes lets go get a dog three months before we have to move so we can enjoy the love and care of a pet just to throw him out on the streets when we move. WTF?!? I don’t know what was going through the minds of this dogs owner when they buried him, and I pray to God they didn’t buy the dog with the intention of doing this; but it all goes back to think before you buy. It doesn’t matter who you are, or if you even like dog’s, what these owners did was atrocious and people like this should not be allowed to buy pets or animals. They’ve done it once already what’s going to stop them from doing it again?

People who buy dogs then don’t care for them or give them up just a few months after getting them clearly haven’t thought out all that goes with, oh I don’t know buying an animal. It’s not like a pen, you use it until you no longer want/need it and then throw it out. It’s a living breathing animal! And nothing bugs me more than people who clearly can’t take care of an animal and have no right owning one. I might be young, heck I’m not even graduated from college yet, but at least I know that I can’t get a dog until I am financially stable and in a living situation that not only allows dogs, but also is a place that I’ll be at for a while. No way would I ever get a dog without knowing where I’d be for the next 3-4 years. I just couldn’t do it, it’s irresponsible and wreckless. As much as I want a dog and comment to my boyfriend, “I want a dog,” I really don’t. He wants a husky or retriever, that’s nice but as far as I know he’s planning on living in an apartment first then earning the money to live in a house. Last I checked huskies and retrievers need exercise and big yards. He says he can make it work, I hope he’s kidding, in fact I know he is, but even just kidding about it puts me on edge. I personally would not be so irresponsible as to bring a medium to large dog into an apartment unless I was able to commit to exercising it. I couldn’t that is why I’m saying this, if it was too hot or too cold outside I’d cave and be like no haha, but that’s me if you can commit to exercising a bigger dog while living in an apartment then all the more power to you. I’m just saying that I could not commit, but it is possible to own a bigger dog and live in an apartment, there are just other things you have to consider before you do so.  It’s cruelty on some level  even if the dog does get fed, watered, and loved. Bigger dogs need the exercise, consider that before buying them.

Outrageous acts of cruelty on animals aren’t the only form of abuse in my mind. In my opinion bringing an animal into a living situation that isn’t fit for the type of animal it is, is cruelty. Buying an animal before you’re financially set, and having a living/work situation that is unstable, poor judgement and can end in an outrageous act of cruelty. Please before you buy a pet, research, think, plan, be smart about it. Millions of animals are put down every year due to over population, and the lack of funding to shelters. I’m not saying all dog owners are stupid, far from it, but what I am saying is: be smart, because otherwise, whether you plan to or not you might end up sentencing a new pet to an early demise.