Dog Buried Alive?!?

Yes you read the title right, while browsing Facebook the other day I came across a note titled “Lincolnton, NC Puppy Buried Alive and Now in Gassing Shelter, Please Save this Baby. Miracle Puppy.” A female worker at an animal shelter posted pictures and story of a dog in desperate need of help and saving. The Facebook users name is Forthebullies her site is open and she posts dogs that need saving quite often.

This pup, and I do mean pup, is only 6 months old, had written for him, “I am 1-80 and determined to live..I was buried in a box in my families yard…they were crazy and it almost killed me. I am only six months old and a miracle boy. They have been so nice here at AC to me . I lived through being buried in the box..the only way I was saved was because my neighbors heard me crying and gasping for air…Our AC is so nice they saved my life and now I need to get out of there…there are so many of us pups here that they may have no choice but to put in a another box to die in a gas chamber…Please Help me!!! I am still not stable from being buried…I need to get out of here! Please help me…don’t let me go in another box to die!” (I think AC means Animal Control at least it fits if you replace all the AC’s with Animal Control)

I don’t know if, it’s because the story is meant to be written from the dogs point of view or just the fact he was buried, I’m assuming the latter because this is an outrageous act of violence against an innocent dog, but I am shocked! I immediately wanted to help this dog until I remembered…oh ya! I am in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets and my parents wouldn’t help, not to mention I don’t have the funding to care for a dog.

All’s I have to say is Thank goodness this neighbor heard the dog, and thank goodness for lazy people. If the neighbors were able to hear the dog, he couldn’t have been buried very deep, unless the neighbors are in a habit of putting their ears down on the ground to listen to other people’s yards. It’s like ‘Oh hey I’m bored, you bored?’ ‘Yeah man what do you want to do?’ *Looks over at dog* ‘Let’s bury the dog alive in a box! See how long he can last!’ ‘Sure that sounds fun!’

Seriously what leads to people doing such acts of cruelty, do you know? Because I sure don’t, I can’t even wrap my mind around the idea. I’m the kind of person who is just now accepting the fact that her families dog is turning 12 this year and cries every time she thinks about the fact he only has a few years left, if that. So to bury a dog, or do other bodily harm to a dog is beyond me. I understand owning a dog, getting mad at them, but also instantly regretting ever being mean because all’s they want to do is love and be loved!

Can I also throw a shout out to Facebook, because without that nifty networking site, these animals might not get saved. Every day I see posts asking people to save a dog that is about to die. Every day I see that within hours of that post going up that dog is saved. Why? Why do people do that? Because dogs are amazing, and that communication restores my faith in people. For every person out there willing to harm a pet in some horrible way there are several people willing to save that animal. Of course is doesn’t always work out but people try, and although the thought doesn’t save an animals life, it does show that people care. So thank you Facebook for giving people that opportunity, and thereby restoring my faith in mankind. By the way the dog mentioned above was saved and these are his pictures.

On a side note, more people should think about what it means to buy a pet before they actually do. I’m not just talking about people who don’t have the money and buy dog’s prematurely; I’m talking about people who go out and get a dog without thinking about their future. Yes lets go get a dog three months before we have to move so we can enjoy the love and care of a pet just to throw him out on the streets when we move. WTF?!? I don’t know what was going through the minds of this dogs owner when they buried him, and I pray to God they didn’t buy the dog with the intention of doing this; but it all goes back to think before you buy. It doesn’t matter who you are, or if you even like dog’s, what these owners did was atrocious and people like this should not be allowed to buy pets or animals. They’ve done it once already what’s going to stop them from doing it again?

People who buy dogs then don’t care for them or give them up just a few months after getting them clearly haven’t thought out all that goes with, oh I don’t know buying an animal. It’s not like a pen, you use it until you no longer want/need it and then throw it out. It’s a living breathing animal! And nothing bugs me more than people who clearly can’t take care of an animal and have no right owning one. I might be young, heck I’m not even graduated from college yet, but at least I know that I can’t get a dog until I am financially stable and in a living situation that not only allows dogs, but also is a place that I’ll be at for a while. No way would I ever get a dog without knowing where I’d be for the next 3-4 years. I just couldn’t do it, it’s irresponsible and wreckless. As much as I want a dog and comment to my boyfriend, “I want a dog,” I really don’t. He wants a husky or retriever, that’s nice but as far as I know he’s planning on living in an apartment first then earning the money to live in a house. Last I checked huskies and retrievers need exercise and big yards. He says he can make it work, I hope he’s kidding, in fact I know he is, but even just kidding about it puts me on edge. I personally would not be so irresponsible as to bring a medium to large dog into an apartment unless I was able to commit to exercising it. I couldn’t that is why I’m saying this, if it was too hot or too cold outside I’d cave and be like no haha, but that’s me if you can commit to exercising a bigger dog while living in an apartment then all the more power to you. I’m just saying that I could not commit, but it is possible to own a bigger dog and live in an apartment, there are just other things you have to consider before you do so.  It’s cruelty on some level  even if the dog does get fed, watered, and loved. Bigger dogs need the exercise, consider that before buying them.

Outrageous acts of cruelty on animals aren’t the only form of abuse in my mind. In my opinion bringing an animal into a living situation that isn’t fit for the type of animal it is, is cruelty. Buying an animal before you’re financially set, and having a living/work situation that is unstable, poor judgement and can end in an outrageous act of cruelty. Please before you buy a pet, research, think, plan, be smart about it. Millions of animals are put down every year due to over population, and the lack of funding to shelters. I’m not saying all dog owners are stupid, far from it, but what I am saying is: be smart, because otherwise, whether you plan to or not you might end up sentencing a new pet to an early demise.


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3 Responses to “Dog Buried Alive?!?”

  1. Casey Says:

    Wow! I am shocked that the owners attempted to bury this dog alive. I think that sites such as Facebook can certainly help raise awareness of these types of issues. I like your writing style here; it serves as a call to action that acknowledges both the good guys and the wrong-doers. I also liked the pictures of the dog. It really helped bring in the emotional appeal.

  2. Caleb Deperro Says:

    Publicizing puppy mills and other types of animal neglect is very important to me.

    • placecm Says:

      It’s important to me too, I’ve done so many school papers and projects on it, I actually informed a few of my teachers all about puppy mills that own dogs and had never heard of them before. They suck and that’s why I’m writing about dog abuse in the news and what I find on facebook from rescue’s and shelters. Puppy mills and abuse in general is really bad and needs to be publicized, this is my first blog so I’m trying to do my best, if you have any tips for me on stories I could write about I’d appreciate any help, maybe I’ll add a post about puppy mills and all that goes on in them because they are a nasty business and I wish there was a way to get rid of them…

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