Dog in High Speed Chase and Puppies in the Puppy Bowl

Not exactly dog abuse in the way that I’ve been talking about it, but still pretty sad. So this owner unnamed in the video went for a high speed chase with her 1 year old terrier in the front passenger seat. A sweet dog according to the policeman in the video and one that is now up for adoption. The owner had 5 days to get the dog and didn’t. Check out this video the dog is absolutely adorable!

I mean really who does this, it may not be beating the living daylights out of the dog or leaving the dog on the side of the road. But they endangered the dogs life by bringing it on a high speed chase not to mention now the dog is without home. On the plus side being so young and absolutely adorable also nice, this dog has a good chance of survival and adoption. Which is great but dogs should never have to end up in this situation.

My family has two dogs, their picture is actually the header picture at the top of my blog, and from experience with them and any dog I’ve ever met, they just want love. It isn’t hard to care for a dog if you want one and are willing to put in the time, love, care, food, an occasional visit to the vets and haircuts every few months. When I say easy I don’t mean it won’t be time consuming or terribly hard. They are a lot of responsibility but when it comes to the basics it isn’t much. They do require a lot of work but not a lot of stuff.

This isn’t abuse in the sense that  I’ve been talking about it but it’s the general lack of care and respect for the pet that bothers me. It isn’t just driving in high speeds that gets a dog put into a pound, it’s doing other illegal activities while you own a pet and it’s deciding that you’ve stopped loving the dog.

It happens in every kind of relationship but it shouldn’t with a dog, you make a choice when you buy a dog and you make a promise to that dog to love and care for it until the end of its days. A home, food, and somebody to snuggle with when the day is done. So why get a dog when you’re going to pull some stupid stunt for no reason, a stunt I might add that could have ended a lot worse than it did, when your dog is in the car? And then on top of that be given the option to go and get said pet from the shelter and just not. You know where your pet is, it’s not that hard to get out of the shelter. He’s the cutest darn dog I’ve ever seen and he looks as sweet as can be.

How can an owner just give their dog up like that? People do that kind of thing every day. The sad part is when it’s a owner giving up their pet they have less time in the shelter than most. No one is coming to claim them. There is no certainty that they will be adopted. With enough dogs in the country for each person to own several dogs there’s a big possibility that they won’t be saved. A lot of people either don’t like dogs or they aren’t in a living situation where they can have one. Although I’m sure the shelter this dog is at doesn’t have a gas chamber, there are still shelters that do. Could you imagine giving your dog up, fooling yourself into believing he will be ok, and then ultimately have it killed via gas?!?

It’s not physical abuse but it’s emotional and mental abuse to the dog. They might not be the smartest creatures in the world but you go to any shelter in the US and you can tell they are scared and hurt. They cry out, they bark, they know what’s going on not directly but they know they aren’t where they are supposed to be. It’s people like that, that anger me. This dog lives, yes, this dog is young and cute and nice, will it get adopted…probably.

What about that 12 year old hunting dog, is he going to get adopted…not likely. Is that pitbull going to get adopted, not in general. Not with it’s reputation. So why do it? Why sentence a dog to an uncertain death. Because an owner is sick of their pet, new living situation, economy? Their lives aren’t nearly as important as ours? Yet in studies it’s been proven that dogs can emotionally help people. Pets can help people emotionally and mentally.

Two sites to read about this interaction between animals and humans are:


It’s interesting and it’s aggravating that anyone would just give up their pet like that. Just because the animal hasn’t been physically abused doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been abused in some other way. It doesn’t even have to be giving the dog up to the shelter that causes this. Dog’s can be emotionally/mentally abused in the home life. If you’ve ever watched animal cops:

It shows how the home life can be bad for a dog. Being tied up outside for days without being fed, or even being left in their home when the owners move. There are a lot of situations that are abuse to a dog without any physical signs. Not a lot of people look out for it. Keep an eye out in your neighborhood, if something doesn’t seem right with someone’s pet or you see a dog very emaciated call the local animal control asap. Even if nothing is going on, it’s better to have them check on a complaint than to do nothing and let the dog suffer in silence. Watch out for the signs, and don’t put yourself in danger but do something! As a parting word and link, the ASPCA has a page on how to recognize animal abuse if you want to help here it is:

In other news dog saved from flooded river and was returned to owner:

Spikey Saved from Flooding River

Spikey PhotoGallery

Ok sorry more to add, I’ve just finished watching Puppy Bowl VI. In honor of the Super Bowl I didn’t think I could pass up talking about it and adding a link so that next year if you want to watch something really cute animal planet is the place to be! Puppies galore! With toys toys toys!!! So it starts out with the puppies being checked out behind scenes, followed by their names and picture being put up on screen. Afterward mayhem ensues! It’s a big puppy playpen, where the dogs “play” football. With lots of footballs to bring to the end zones you’d think they’d make some touchdowns. You can check out the lineup here. Puppies and toys everywhere, running playing, pouncing, pushing, fighting. However! Biting is not allowed, nor is napping at the end zone that becomes more of a problem at the end when all the puppies are pooped…They certainly know how to make the game interesting giving what play by plays can be made, interceptions, passes, and tackles. Not to mention the bunny cheerleaders and “rogue hamsters” flying the blimp.

I did have to say I loved the camera angles, they have a water-cam that looks up so when a dog drinks from the water dish you are looking right into their faces which is cute, a new aerial view from the blimp, as well as ground shots which are extremely cute. They also show “tailgaters” which are just dogs watching the puppy bowl on TV behind scenes.

Of course with any bowl there has to be a halftime show. This one beat all, a kitty halftime show. The whole show was crazy music and thee most INSANE kitty playground I’ve ever seen. As my roommate said “torture for college students.” Animals we can’t have behaving in the most adorable fashion ever. There was one particular long haired black and white kitten that I would gladly take home. He was just looking around like every other cat was insane! And to be fair they kind of were…haha but very cute. You can watch highlights of said halftime show by following this link.

All this was very cute and I must say a lot more entertaining than the Super Bowl which I surprisingly watched and as intense as it was, cute and fuzzy beats all in my book. Especially when it’s a bunch of pups “straight from the shelter.” Jake the chihuahua pug mix, who you’ll find in the line-up link from earlier was the MVP.  I’ll be honest I don’t know football terms or anything like that, not that they apply to the puppy-bowl but watch it, it’s cute at least the highlights because these dogs are too cute! Two hours of pure puppy play with the occasional ‘touchdown’ and amazing narration by Jeff Bordner who’s been in the business of voice acting for 25 years. Wonderful play by play re-caps.

Well that’s all folks, I just thought I’d add in something about the puppy bowl since it’s cute and fun and I know my other posts were quite depressing. I hope you got to watch at least part of the Puppy Bowl, if not maybe next year. It does tie in though, the animals dogs, kittens, and bunnies did come from shelters and you can go to their rescues by following this link! As previously mentioned in my blog, before adopting do research and plenty of it! Hope this entry is a bit more fun than my last ones.

Puppy Bowl


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5 Responses to “Dog in High Speed Chase and Puppies in the Puppy Bowl”

  1. kjcenters Says:

    Pictures are freaking ADORABLE!!!! Puppy Bowl VI was sweet. The kitten half time show was incredible.

  2. Brigy Says:

    I love the Puppy Bowl! You should check out the show Pit Boss on Animal Planet. I really do love Pit Bulls, I just am responsible enough to realize I could not train them properly enough to own one. Also, check out Conan’s sketch “Puppies Dressed as Cats” Does not get any better than that!

  3. Megan Says:

    Those pictures are amazing! SO cute! I saw commercials for the puppy bowl and at first I was like, “What? Animal Planet is insane.” But then I read your blog and looked through the links you gave and it is actually brilliant!
    It’s nice that you were able to end on a good note too. It’s so depressing to think about so many dogs being rejected and given up and then forced to sit in a cage and hope to be adopted. I hope that your blog and blogs like these will compel people to adopt!

  4. Laura Beth Says:

    The Puppy Bowl was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Another idea for a future blog post: Team up with the local SPCA here in Prince Edward County and get their thoughts on adoption. I’ve heard through the grapevine that this shelter is the only “no-kill” shelter in something like 6, 7, or maybe even the surrounding 12 counties. Keep up the good work advocating for dogs and I look forward to reading next week’s post!!!

  5. placecm Says:

    Thank you all, I’m learning slowly cute pictures and ending on a good note. my first few blogs don’t end on a good note and I got a lot of feed back saying it was really depressing so I changed that up.

    LB- the SPCA is a good idea I actually went to the shelter about 15-20 minutes from here and talked to them for a longform package in my first broadcasting class. I was surprised that they were a no-kill shelter but it made me happy to know we got places like that in our area. I’ll have to see if I have their information and see how I can work that into my blog.

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