Misplaced Anger and Household Pets

So I’m just a little shocked by the news I read this week. A women’s boyfriend, tormented her dog with a broomstick as well as threw a space heater at it and then stabbed the dog several times after the dog tried to bite the man….This boyfriend has a history of tormenting the dog with a broomstick. Now if I were her I would have told him not to do that in fact I would have gotten very pissed off if someone I was dating felt the need to torment my dog. I mean that doesn’t show much for his character or for how he treats others. I personally would have dumped him if he kept nagging the dog like that because it isn’t right. On top of that though he stabbed the dog in front of her and her 15 year old son. Ya that guys a winner, I’d love to bring him home to the parents. You can check out the story by following this link. Granted it is a small article and it doesn’t say anything from the girlfriends point of view but I’d like to know if she ever told him to stop. Otherwise I would have started poking him with the broomstick and been like how do you like it? Oh what you don’t, ok well I’m betting the dog isn’t very appreciative either and sooner or later he’s going to attack and it’s going to be your fault. What an idiot, who honestly thinks a dog won’t attack if he’s being abused or mistreated in some way. Dog’s might not be the smartest animals out there but they are smart enough to know when they aren’t being treated right and will attack. So here’s a hint, don’t terrorize a dog and if you do, don’t be surprised when he tries to fight back…what an idiot!

This story actually leads into the 2nd story of abuse I wanted to talk about. Only this time it isn’t about a boyfriend but about the owner of a chocolate lab called coco who was strangled and later died from her injuries. These might not seem connected at first but this article also talks about how men with spousal or child abuse are more likely to abuse pets and animals.

Read more about this by following either this link from a newspaper or to this link which is where I originally found the info and picture.

“He told us that he pinned the dog down by the neck and throat for 20 seconds while the puppy defecated and urinated on itself in panic or because it started to lose consciousness, we don’t know,” said Lt. Dan DeSousa with SD County Animal Services.

That was the beginning to the article I linked previously. Could you imagine though what set this man off to just go at his dog like that? Since he has a history of violence it literally could have been nothing. And yet it doesn’t matter that this man has a history of spousal abuse he can still buy a dog and go at it whenever he feels.

The worst that can happen as stated in the article “If convicted, Warner may be punished with up to three years in a state prison, one year in a county prison or fined $20,000.” Doesn’t seem like a lot for killing an animal.  What’s to stop him when he gets out from getting another pet and killing that or getting out and finding a person and beating up on them.

This is just stupid, abuse is a clear sign of bad character, and yes I realize that Coco didn’t have much of a chance, it was her owner. I know that saying she didn’t have much of a chance sounds mean, but I feel for her, I do. I really hope the bill discussed in the article will  help to protect animals like Coco from being abused like that in the future.

But for the 1 year old pitbull that was stabbed by her owners boyfriend. I think that would tip off anyone that maybe he’s not so nice. I realize people end up with spouses that abuse them all the time. But if there are signs of abuse before you’re put into a permanent situation, why would you do it? Why would you let that continue?

I don’t know I guess all this is more or less about who to let into your life permanently. If you don’t want your dog to be abused outside the house then why allow it in the house? What these 2 men did was out of line and wrong in so many ways. Not to mention that it will lead to something more, for dogs everywhere I hope that the man who killed Coco never gets another dog and for that women who watched her pitbull get stabbed I hope she doesn’t bring that man back into her home because chances are she or her child will be next.  How a man treats his dog can be an indicator of how he’ll treat people.

In other news though getting away from abusive men and animals, “Beagle Pups doing well after being abandoned in the snow. ” The article starts off with “The beagle mix dumped in the snow last month to give birth to her seven “pupsicles” has made an impressive recovery, said Meg Stephenson, executive director of Animal Friends Humane Society.”

The owner has turned himself in and will appear in court March 3rd. At least he knows he has done wrong, minus 2 pups the mother and her remaining 5 pups are doing just fine. Not all men are evil he knew enough to turn himself in despite abandoning his dog in the snow to give birth.

Also My sister is running her first Half Marathon and is collecting donations for PAWS Chicago. All the runners are raising money to donate to this cause. “In September 2007, PAWS Chicago celebrated a milestone by opening the Midwest’s first No Kill, cageless, state-of-the-art Adoption Center for dogs and cats in Lincoln Park.” This information and the chance to donate to the cause can all be done by going to TEAM PAWS CHICAGO 2010. It’s for a good cause and what better way to help animals then to find them forever homes through a no-kill shelter!

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6 Responses to “Misplaced Anger and Household Pets”

  1. Megan Says:

    Oh my God these stories are awful! I wonder if there is a way to get better background checks on people before they get a dog… or have them flagged if they have a history of abuse especially with animals. I hope the girlfriend in the first story gets charged with something because if she knew what was going on and didn’t do anything about it then she’s at fault too.

  2. Janet D Says:

    Megan, unfortunately most shelters that are funded by the city and/or state don’t have enough funds to do anything that rescues do – applications, home checks, vet references, etc. It’s not the shelters fault… and breeders could care less where their dogs go, as long as they get the money. It’s a sad reality – and until folks value ALL life, regardless of the number of legs they have, then this will be a never-ending cycle.

    I read about Coco the other day and I wanted spend 20 seconds with that jerk. Coco was TEN WEEKS OLD – and he pinned the dog down because it was biting. It’s a PUPPY – what kind of damage can it really do?? People never cease to amaze me, yet these animals – beaten, abused, starved, abandoned – still wag their tails and trust us human beings. Who’s the REAL animal?

  3. Laura Beth Says:

    WHY? Why do human beings torture this poor, helpless animals? It makes me sick to read these stories, and worse, see the pictures. Good reporting and kudos for bringing these animal cruelty issues to light, but very depressing and disappointing. Animal cruelty charges should be much, much higher than what they currently are – maybe an idea to look in to?

    Looking forward to seeing next week’s post!

    -Laura Beth 🙂

  4. kjcenters Says:

    Your story is sad. Super super sad. 😦

    I wish people just wouldn’t be evil and take their shit out on anything that is living. It’s ridiculous to me that someone would even consider harming an animal.
    I wish that animal abuse was equal to assault and spousal abuse in the law. Why hasn’t some judge somewhere taken care of this long ago? I think it’s sad it has taken this long for a bill to even be considered on this subject. It’s a good thing it is now, but seriously.

    On a side note Chelsea, your heading is the only thing cheery about your blog–never change it. Unless it is to something even happier.

  5. placecm Says:

    Megan- I wish there was a way to do that, they flag sex offenders how hard could it be to flag wife/child/animal abusers. It’d be nice to know if I was living next to someone who might go off and beat my dog for no reason but there isn’t the money or the means to do it sadly.

    Janet-Thank you for your information I went and fund a better article that included that information as well so I could link readers to a full article on the Coco story. It’s really sad that everything has to come back to money. There shouldn’t be a price on a living breathing being like that. It should just be instinctive or common sense to protect animals from going to such horrible homes, it’s so frustrating that stupid mean people like that can get away with such horrible acts for so little.

    Laura Beth- I’m with you the charges aren’t nearly bad enough, as Janet pointed out though people don’t care enough. Until that happens there isn’t much that can or will be done. At least in Coco’s case there is a bill being passed to protect animals from that happening to them. That’s a step. Until more legislation comes out again not much can be done on the charges. First step is finding them second step is fixing a bad system.

    Kyle-Maybe that is something that can be done, after politicians get their heads out of their asses maybe if enough people sign a petition and protest animal abuse can be put on that level. If people who abuse animals are more likely to become child/spouse abusers maybe nip it in the bud if hey are caught abusing animals they should be charged for assault or abuse of a spouse or child.

    I try to end on a happy note, or with a story of a dog being saved. But only so much I can do. At least my headline is cheery if nothing else.

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