Poisoned in Their Own Yards

Ever joked about poisoning your neighbors dog just because you find them to be annoying? I personally never have but a lady that works in the same building as me did…don’t worry she was just kidding and venting but still pissed me off. So much so that I went home that night and looked up the effects of rat poison on dogs. This lady said her neighbors dog is never bounded and always goes in her yard to take a dump, the neighbors never pick it up. Fine talk to the neighbors or find a safe way to get the dog to stop, her way of venting was thinking up ways to just make the dog sick so they wouldn’t want to come back. That’s the part that got me curious, would rat poison simply make the dog sick or would it do more damage. Apparently it’s the latter of the two. Rat poison attacks the blood stream, goes for the different organs and makes them shut down, if it’s taken in a high enough dose.

The problem with this is, you don’t always know if your dog was in fact poisoned on purpose or if they simply caught the wrong rat. Rat poison within their prey. That can just make them sick. Dogs can survive being rat poisoned or being given anti-freeze but only if it’s caught in time and has plenty of medical attention.

There are two recent stories in the news about dogs dying of rat poison, one in Hawaii where a mans dog died and was only found to have rat poison in it’s stomach after a post-mortem autopsy. And a news broadcast about two dogs that were rat poisoned, one of the dogs died. In both cases the poisoners were not caught, and that’s the problem with dogs being rat poisoned on purpose, if a dog is allowed to wander around a neighborhood it could be they themselves got into the stuff on their own or they were given it on purpose but there is no way to prove who did it. If it is done in someones yard, it might be a little easier to find who did it especially if a certain neighbor has been complaining of the dog recently but if there is no hard evidence there isn’t much the police can do.

As highlighted in this site it is important to know what type of poison it is and how much your pet ingested. Without that information a vet can’t treat properly. If you think your pet has been poisoned in any way don’t wait go in immediately!

The unfortunate thing is symptoms can go unnoticed as highlighted in this story written by an owner who’s dog came extremely close to dying but survived because it was caught just in time.

In a blog “written” by a dog there are many different poisons and other household dangers described.

Summer is almost upon us which means more people will be outside, as well as their dogs. There are many poisons and dangers to dog’s that need to be looked out for but can’t be avoided such as spider and snake bites, fish hooks, and bugs. Clearly being outside is a danger to dogs and it’s not to say keep your dog inside and leash him whenever he’s outside but watch out for symptoms and call your vet as soon as you think something is wrong. Better safe than sorry right?

Basic symptoms of rat poisoning are:

The following symptoms are often observed in a dog who eats rat poison:

  • Pale Gums
  • Weakness
  • Bloody Nose
  • Blood in the Urine
  • Blood in the Feces
  • Coughing Up Blood
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Distended, Firm Abdomen (due to internal bleeding)
Not in the U.S but according to the site I pulled this picture from, poisoning dogs is like a sport to people in peru.
It’s a short post but I just couldn’t believe that anyone I know would ever threaten a dogs life even if they hate dogs. Especially when their intent would be to just make a dog sick when rat poison attacks more than just the digestion system of a dog. It’s something that happens everyday either by accident or on purpose but rat poison is no laughing matter and it really irked me that she was making light of the issue.
At the school I go to, there was a guy in a wheel chair his dog was named skittles, I can’t remember exactly what skittles did for him I think maybe retrieved items for him maybe? But whatever the case was his last semester at the school skittles was poisoned on purpose. This was a disabled persons helper dog that was poisoned. The reason I know it was on purpose is because the poison was in food that was left outside this guys dorm room. A place that Skittles could easily get to. If it can happen at a small university in the middle of nowhere to a disabled man’s dog, what stops it from happening anywhere else. Skittles survived after a lot of vet bills and meds, but it was still sad because for a few months he wasn’t on campus to help out and make people happy.
It’s a problem, for the most part intentional..no but it’s something that happens and people need to be aware of it especially as the summer months come upon us and more rodents appear. Maybe the next time you hear someone making light of giving rat poison to a dog maybe inform them that it isn’t just a matter of making them sick it’s a matter of killing the dog if the dosage is too much for the dog. It’s a serious problem and it isn’t anything to make fun of.  Isn’t my longest or most imformative entry but I hope by checking out the other sites you have been made aware of the issue and are a little bit more informed.
To end on a light note, a dog was rescued from falling in a ice frozen river. By the time authorities got to the river the dog was hypothermic. Officials were however able to warm the dog up and save it.

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