Dogs…The Difference Between Caring Too Much and Not Caring Enough

In West Union, OH a puppy hoarder was outed. According to the article Joyce Nixon said she had planned, “to develop a safe shelter for homeless dogs, but her program had not received a nonprofit status and she was unable to get funding for the project.” She fell ill and lost her job….that’s when things got out of hand. 64+ dogs found at this ladies home, not to mention the puppies in a feces covered dog house. Now she says her intention was to open a non-profit dog rescue…so assuming she’s telling the truth, we can safely say she cares. However she fell ill and lost her job, so there were some serious setbacks and things got out of hand. If you care so much, I mean enough to open a non-profit shelter….why not call in for help. There are plenty of rescues and other shelters around. I get what she was trying to do, but her actions don’t add up to her words. It’s horrifying and disgusting. According to the article, there were deceased dogs in boxes. Why would anyone do that? It’s horrifying, she cared enough to care too much and therefore didn’t care enough. If that made any sense at all, but if you care about an animal whether you think you’re saving it or not, you have to be able to step back from the situation no matter if you’re out a job or ill or whatever, and assess the situation. It could be that you aren’t really helping at all and need to in turn get help yourself. Be wise, know when you’re in over your head. Puppy  hoarding is a big fat no-no. It’s not acceptable to hoard inanimate objects, it sure as heck isn’t acceptable to hoard living creatures.

If you can believe it though, Joyce Nixon is not the worst in the news this week, one lady had 42 dead dogs in her freezer, some were wrapped in plastic in the freezer with foods such as veggies and meats. However 29 dogs were found alive, since then 3 dogs have died, according to one article the veterinarian thinks they got into rat poison in one of the outhouses. The same article states that 20 of the 26 living dogs are up for adoption. Lets hope they find a better home this time around.  The freezers in case you don’t read the articles were the big chest and up right freezers. Ugh it’s horrific! And you know what her reason was? Well according to the article she said “The Devil was at work.” Are you kidding me?!? She has to have mental issues, there’s no other way. People so, so need to be screened before being allowed to own pets. She was breeding them! According to another article she was waiting for a relative to help her bury the dogs but they hadn’t been by in two weeks. According to that same article the Sheriff’s department investigator Eric King told her “It’s hard to believe that 42 dogs died in a two-week period.” My thoughts are…even if they had, something went seriously wrong and she should be in even more trouble if they did all die in two-weeks. Enough ranting on this I will however add that it does say in the article she will be “held in jail Saturday  in lieu of $32,250 bail. She had dogs wrapped in plastic in her freezer…and many other emaciated and she gets off with bail?? Lame…below is her house…so unsuspecting isn’t it?

In Denver, a non-profit, no-kill shelter is closing down. Mariah’s Promise, is being foreclosed after the owners custom business was shut down due to the economy, the owner Toni Phillips is hoping to find a new building/home to open up a shelter for the dogs she has. The shelter has been open since 2003, and has saved 500+ dogs since 2005 when the state started banning pit bull terriers. Phillips said in the article that “”My only plan, the only thing I know for certain right now is I won’t abandon these dogs. I just won’t.”

Read more:

Now if any of that bothered you, get ready for this, BSL, or Breed Specific Legislation, where a law is not made based on case by case dog problems but rather bans a whole breed, simply because they are what they are. Pit Bulls get a lot of bad rep with these. I mean come on hasn’t anyone watched Homeward Bound. Chance is banned in several states, he would have been taken away from those owners were something like that to take place today.

In one article I found “According to the Humane Society of the United States, a dog’s tendency to bite depends on several factors, including socialization, genetic makeup, quality of care (such as whether it is chained outside for long periods of time), whether the dog has been spayed or neutered, and behavior of the victim.”

Not to say that it can’t be in the dog, clearly dogs not neutered can get to be really rough, just another reason to spay and neuter pets. My uncles dog bit, he was a cocker spaniel, maybe that breed should be on the list of banned dogs. But he did that because he wasn’t neutered. My uncle would always have at least 2 spaniels to breed them every now and then. The dog got very protective and mean. So neuter your pets or recognize the problem and put them down, my uncle did. He had Nick put down because he had bitten a few people and it wasn’t a problem that could or would go away. Not to say Nick was a bad dog, he just got more protective and “macho” as he got older, this comes from I guess testosterone or whatever male dogs have that makes them more aggressive, so to speak. Either way he got meaner as he got older and by that time spaying/neutering wouldn’t make a difference, my uncle recognized that and had him put down. Not an easy decision I assure you but it’s one that unfortunately could not be avoided.

There are 75 banned breeds, 75! What’s stopping that number from going up, all’s it takes is a few bad owners with the same breed to get people complaining and lobbying to have the dog put on the list. This won’t stop, until people stop blaming the breed. It’s unfortunate that people get attacked and I feel bad for the victims but when an entire breed is banned in states because of a few attacks, it doesn’t seem right. Ban the person, not the breed.

For a complete list of banned breeds in the US check this out, You’ll be surprised I guarantee it:

or you can see it on this site

Here’s a nifty youtube video on the issue I found it to be quite compelling:


8 Responses to “Dogs…The Difference Between Caring Too Much and Not Caring Enough”

  1. kizer Says:

    Chelsea i like the additional photos, it breaks up the text and makes it easier to read. It sucks that these breeds are being banned because of rare incidents and its usually the owner’s fault or the people that are attacked. I think its very rare for a dog to attack unprovoked.

  2. kjcenters Says:

    Hey I love the fact you added the list of banned breeds on there; that’s good info

    “Either way he got meaner as he got older and by that time spaying wouldn’t make a difference, my uncle recognized that and had him put down.”

    Spaying a boy huh, that sounds painful.

    On another note though, this was an excellent blog Chels. Most of the info was sad this time, but at least the people involved are being dealt with–and a few dogs got saved:)

    Keep it up Chels.

  3. DontBullyMyPit Says:

    Check out my Pit Bull blog, I started if for a class and have found that I love hearing other peoples Pit stories!!

  4. Janet Says:

    Another great post, Chelsea! Thank you for mentioning the Breed Specific Legislation. You know how I try to educate folks on the different breeds, especially the ones lumped under “pit bull”. They get such a bad rap – they are FIERCELY LOYAL, to a fault, which makes them prime candidates for dog fighters. The whole lock-jaw thing is just a myth. And since Denver banned this breed (originally in 1998, I think, and then re-instated in 2005), their bite numbers have GONE UP!!! Instead of addressing a people/dog problem, they’re trying to say it’s a breed problem. And their politicians are stubborn… won’t believe it.

    On another note, I noticed that Mariah’s Promise has received a huge outpouring of support from folks. They are still trying to adopt out dogs, but they posted on their Facebook that they thought they were going to be OK. Good news, because just like bad people, there are lots of bad rescues out there – we need ALL the good ones!!

  5. Laura Beth Says:

    I completely agree with everyone else. Lots of sad stories, but I love the placement of the pictures and how the text flows. The links are great as well. I had no clue about Breed Specific Legislation – I’m glad you discussed it.

    Keep up the fabulous work!

    -Laura Beth 🙂

  6. placecm Says:

    Kizer- Thank you, if it weren’t for your suggestion I don’t think I would have changed up the format but it definitely makes it easier to read adding in more pictures and writing shorter bits!

    Centers- Smartass, glad you liked the banned list being attached. I was surprised by some of the breeds, even smaller breeds got on there, it’s absolutely nutty!

    Janet- The numbers have gone up? That’s crazy any reason why? Or is it simply just the lack of educating people on the breed that makes them more susceptible to being bit? That’s insane, if it isn’t working than maybe they should take away the legislation…silly politicians thinking with their wallets not their brains.

    Great news about Mariah’s Promise, I hope they make it, there is definitely a need for good shelters and rescues out there!! It’d be really sad if a good one lost out due to unavoidable circumstances.

    LB- Thank you very much, I hope to teach people things they may not have known about in my blog posts, so I’m glad to hear that I’m putting information out there that may not be widely known. Also the amount of sad stories is more so in this post I think because I was trying to find similar stories to write about. I think I succeeded but yes very sad news. I’m glad the dogs got rescued though, that was supposed to be the happy endings of my stories, that although there are terrible things happening out there sometimes the dogs do win. Unfortunate that sometimes that win comes a little too late for a few of the dogs…

  7. Megan Says:

    Loved your post this week! I especially loved the last picture of that dog. TOO CUTE! The stories you find are incredible and I can’t believe what some people are capable of. You consistently open my eyes to both great things people do for animals as well as the horrible things. Keeping dogs in the freezer WTF?? Great job keep it up!

  8. placecm Says:

    Aw thanks megan, I’m glad I’m able to open people’s eyes to topics that might not be well known or publicized. That last picture of the dog was actually one I found on Mariah’s Promise page. One of their dogs for adoption, dogs so cute how could they not be adopted! It’s insane!

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