Heroes, Haters, and Unfortunate Circumstances

Three Air Force Service dogs to retire. Jampy (German Shepherd served 10 years) , Roc (Malinois served 9 years), and Kisma (malinois served 11 years). The article states that “the dogs have deployed on a variety of missions with the Air Force, Army and Marines.” The article also states that the dogs were able to help greatly “by training in narcotics and patrol or explosives and patrol, according to Staff Sgt. John Pillarella, 56th SFS kennel master.” Their retirement ceremony was April 6th at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.  As a happy ending to a long career, “All three of their handlers jumped at the chance to adopt Jampy, Roc and Kisma.”

In sadder news a 21 year old walking their pit bull got shot in November in front of their own home. Apparently the shooter felt “threatened” by this mans pit bull, even though the owner yelled out that his dog didn’t bite. I’m sure the dog wasn’t close to the shooter but apparently close enough the man felt threatened. One suspect according to, the article “was charged with first-degree murder and has a bail hearing scheduled for today (April 12, 2010).” When police arrived on the scene they found  Princess (the dog in question) circling her owners body. Has it gotten so bad in society that a dog merely at a difference can bring fear into peoples hearts? The BSL I mentioned in my last post isn’t helping it’s creating fear. Fear that a dog of a specific breed will up and attack no matter who owns it or where it comes from. Our politicians should change this, they should want to stop the fear and fix the situation, educating people is the only way to save them from “vicious” dogs. To understand when a dog is dangerous is much better than to think a type of breed is dangerous all the time. What kind of society are we that we allow fear to grow and fear to kill?

Daines Pit Bull

Father riding an ATV with daughter on the back, brakes for two loose dogs, kills one dog and daughter. The accident happened at 9:30 PM on April 11th. According to, the article “The ATV struck and killed one of the dogs and overturned. Hummel was partially ejected, while Mercedeze was thrown clear of the ATV.” The one time you hear about a child actually wearing their helmet and they die. Very unfortunate news. The whole accident is very tragic and sad, you try to do something good, avoid hitting an animal and then you lose your daughter and kill one of the dogs in the process. Props for trying, Drops to the unfortunate events that happened following it. What gets me though about this article are the postings from other people on it, “It may have been an accident that he hit a dog at night with an ATV on a county road but it was no accident that this moron had a 7 year old as a passenger.And no, I don’t have any sympathy for them. You just can’t fix stupid.” And “Very sad, I just hope the adult driver AND the owner(s) of the dogs are prosecuted.” Not to mention “The little girl would have been in her bed asleep and alive if the “parent(s)” had any sense of responsibility. Ever heard of a BEDTIME for a little child, especially on a school night? Not to mention all the other issues that resulted in the death of this little girl.”How rude, and ignorant do you have to be??? Now granted there are a lot of people defending the parents but these harsh statements stick out more than others, bad parenting? Can’t fix stupid? One person posted that she knew the family and the girl was simply visiting her dad for the weekend. If that’s true then heck ya he’s going to live up the weekend with his daughter, parents take their kids out on ATV’s all the time. I mean my uncle mentioned in a previous blog, borrows his friends ATV and lets his kids drive it around on the property. They have to wear helmets and stay within site but accidents happen. This was unfortunate but to be so rude and ignorant to a family that just lost their daughter. What inconsiderate assholes. Stuff like that makes me soooo mad, same thing happened after the farmville murders. People are so so judgemental and it really isn’t fair or right to be so mean to people that just lost an important part of their world.


Finally man shot roommates dog in the face with a BB gun. Three guesses as to what kind of dog this was, that’s right a pit bull. A pit bull I might add that simply chewed up this mans shoes. Now in the article it says, “Bennett told police he had been shooting at birds and had shot the dog accidentally, according to police.” Later on they found that it was intentional based on the point of entry. Seriously how stupid and mean do you have to be. Thank god the dog survived, but it’s not a vicious dog, just a hungry shoe loving dog. So get your roommate to buy you a new pair of shoes like the ones his dog chewed up. No need to shoot the dog in the face, had it gone in at a different angle he could easily have killed that dog…People really need to think before they shoot. The shot made a scratch an inch away from the dogs eyes…he could have easily blinded the dog if he had been one inch over. Stupid Stupid people. How materialistic do you have to be to shoot a dog with a BB gun over shoes??? Shoes can be replaced, dog’s vision or brains can’t be. Idiotic people, at least this pit bull accident wasn’t over it being vicious or a threat, no instead it’s over some stupid pair of shoes. Blechhh stupid roommates. People need to screen their roommates if they are going to bring a dog into the house, make sure the roomy won’t shoot it over a silly little mess…

3 Responses to “Heroes, Haters, and Unfortunate Circumstances”

  1. Megan Says:

    I can understand why people might feel intimidated by pit bulls or rottweilers. They tend to be more muscular and stoic then most dogs. But by no means does that mean you have to resort to shooting them. I can’t believe these stories; especially since my own dog is a lab-rottweiler mix.

    What’s weird to me is that the guy who felt threatened in the second story shot the owner and not the dog. I’m not saying he should of shot the dog but I don’t see the logic. If he was so threatened to a point where he feared for his safety, does shooting the owner really make sense? It’s appalling and ridiculous and I feel heartbroken for the dog who helplessly circled their dying owner.

    Great blog Chelsea! The stories you find always surprise me and keep me reading.

  2. placecm Says:

    Oh ya they are definitely intimidating with their size and what not especially for people that don’t own dogs but even for pet owners. I don’t get the whole point of shooting them I don’t think the fear justifies shooting them…

    Ya the story about the owner getting shot threw me off, I didn’t understand why the owner got shot and not the dog, not that shooting either is acceptable but if you’re going to shoot one why the owner if you’re afraid of the dog? It’s terrible because it was in front of their house, they were basically home and this crazy person went off on them. These stories are crazy, people are hating on these breeds because of all the bad rep they get…very sad.

  3. Laura Beth Says:

    I agree about rottweilers and pit bulls. I used to be especially scared of rottweilers and Dobermans, but then once my dad taught me how to not be afraid of dogs, I realized how gentle and stoic they are. It’s a shame that so many pit bulls and other so-called “ferocious” dogs are being used and abused for dogfighting and other “sports.” It’s animal cruelty and despicable. Why would anyone want to hurt these dogs and force them to fight like caged beasts?

    The last story you posted just emphasizes my wonder about what motivates people to have guns. I understand that some people have them for protection, but why on earth would you shoot something or someone, especially if you were just afraid or annoyed by their dog?! Use words people, not force.

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