Loss, Killing, and More Anger…

So ya sorry about not writing last week, it was senior week I was gearing up for graduation, and next week I’ll be getting ready for a cruise so I shall try my best to update but we shall see how that goes, otherwise it’ll be 3 weeks until I update…egads that’s a long time, I’ll definitely work on updating next week!

So lot’s of news this week to start off with…Delta airlines loses pup. That’s right a “Canadian couple who rescued a homeless dog from a beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, only to have him lost by Delta Airlines, has come to the Care2 website for help in finding their pet – Paco.” And to top it all off according to the article Delta is offering the couple a care package worth around 700 dollars in flight vouchers and the money that was originally paid to fly Paco to Detroit. All that to make up for the lost dog….right ok, haha this really ticks me off it’s a living breathing being! And they are going to stop looking for it? The fact that this couple had to start an online petition to get an airline to keep looking for their dog is outrageous. There’s a million and one bad things that could have happened to the dog and the company doesn’t care?!?!? “After many confusing hours Allen was finally told that Paco had escaped from his carrier on the tarmac and had run away.  Delta offered Allen a cash settlement for the fees he had paid to fly Paco to the U.S. and a credit toward a future flight.  ” OMG I don’t even know this dog but I’m worried about him, where could he be and what kind of idiot workers do they have that the dog got loose? They had to have opened the carrier at some point, otherwise I doubt the carrier was loose enough to pop open so the dog could run out onto the tarmac?!?!?! Are you freaking kidding me, that’s someones dog, that’s a part of the family and they don’t even care! Agh!

God this pisses me off I hope to Goodness gracious that pup is ok, or Delta is in big effin trouble!

To sign the petition go to this website: Find Paco

Paco the cute lil doggy that's lost all thanks to Delta

found this picture here.

Another man and his dog were killed by one or both passing Amtrak trains…remember my last post where a man was killed by a train…this is just awful, this time both died. What are the chances, they need to really make those tracks unavailable to people, according to the article this is the 3rd death in 3 months. They need to get that fixed, of course I suppose people could be smart enough to stay off the tracks….but hey I could see how it’d be a nice walk I love train tracks same as the next person but then I tend to stick to abandoned tracks…just me though. This is terrible but thought I’d throw it in there since I had a similar story last time. Very unfortunate, so if you own a dog and live by train tracks, maybe stay away from them, as cool as they are, trains are very deadly and they can sometimes come out of nowhere.

Fox Terrier urinates on Retired Marines lawn in Chicago, Marine pulled out pistol got in argument with the dogs owner and shoots him in the abdomen. The bond is set for 3 million bucks for killing a man that was simply walking his dog.  According to the article “23-year-old Joshua Funches was walking his fox terrier in the Chicago suburb of University Park on Sunday when the dog urinated on 69-year-old Charles J. Clements’ front lawn.” In the article they quote neighbors as saying that Clements is very protective of his lawn. I get that some people don’t appreciate dogs going in their yard, I got a neighbor who doesn’t want my dogs going on her grass so now I avoid her lawn but it’s insane! Where else are the dogs going to go? Either way this man is nuts, if this was their first altercation he could have just said hey don’t let your dog urinate in my yard! And been all tough about it there was no need to pull out a gun. Definitely no need for the victim to taunt the man and say “”Next time you pull out a pistol, why don’t you use it?”” Alas very sad, more misplaced anger when it comes to dogs. Be courteous to your neighbors, and if they don’t want your dog on their yard, accept that and move on, no need to get in an argument over it. The killer definitely took things way too far! Very stupid, one dog peeing on the yard won’t do anything bad to the grass, and I’m sure there are plenty of dogs that go on the yard that he doesn’t see. Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. Retired military or not! No offense to my military friends of course so please forgive me for that, the fact isn’t that he is a retired Marine but that he used his gun on an innocent man simply because the mans dog urinated on his grass.

Clement the retired U.S Marine

You can find the picture here.

Man with known mental illness attacked pit bull after going into his neighbors gated backyard where the dog was outside. The yard this man entered was only 7 houses down from his own place. The man claimed the 2 year old dog was trying to bite his daughter so he took a machete to the pit bull splitting open it’s nasal passages and breaking the cheekbone. At least that’s what the article states. I’m sure they will look more into whether or not the dog was in fact going to attack the daughter but a machete really? Is that necessary? “Caroline Griffin, chairwoman of Baltimore’s Anti-Animal Abuse Task Force, said the pit bull named Okashia sustained extensive injuries. The female dog, not quite 50 pounds, was otherwise well taken care of.” The man went into the dogs yard, clearly it was not attacking his daughter. The owner only came out after hearing their dog yelp, only to find the bloody mess and their neighbor with a machete. The man has a history of mental illness, and definitely has issues if he’s just going to attack at random. Why that dog? Because it was a pitbull, to hell with that, it’s a young pup that was minding its own business in its own yard and this man goes ape shit? This man is seriously screwed up and should be locked away or moved someone where dogs don’t exist especially if he’s going to attack at random like that. He broke into his neighbors back yard and attacked their dog, that’s a few different charges, I say lock him up for 15-20 years if not more. At the very least put him in a psych ward for a while. If he’s this messed up, sad to say but maybe he shouldn’t have rights to raise his daughter living with him might be more dangerous for her than not, what’s going to stop him from attacking his own daughter? Seriously this should never have happened, if he has a record of mental illnesses why is he allowed out in the public like that. He’s obviously a threat to society at the very least neighboring dogs in which case the neighbors have a right to know so they can protect their dogs accordingly.

To donate to the pit bull in order to help it get the medical care needed follow this link. All the dog’s bills are being paid for through this group according to this article I found on the same dog.

Got the picture from this site. Poor Okashia, if you have money please donate, this should never have been allowed to happen and it’s a very unfortunate incident.

Last article, Off duty cop gets attacked by pit bull, cops dog has to be euthanized due to extent of injuries. Ok yes I know another pit bull story, I hate on the media for putting them in a bad light but the previous story was probably a pit bull that was minding it’s own business as it wandered into a neighbors yard. Here’s the thing though when the owner of the pitbull finally came to get the dog after a 2-3 minute attack according to the article. The owner was punching the dog to make him let go of the 17 month “11-pound Yorkshire terrier-poodle mix…” Little Stewie was his name, and the pit bull came out of nowhere. “According to Howard County police, It was the 38th incident this year in which Animal Control had to be called because of a bite, with 90 percent of them involving dogs. It is believed to be the first in the county this year involving a pit bull, a police spokeswoman said.” Horrible business this is owning dogs and not taking proper care, “the owner came in to Animal Control on Wednesday to surrender the animal. The pit bull will be euthanized once rabies tests are completed.” Dog bites are common in the area, if this is the first pit bull attack it can’t be all bad. But you gotta wonder where did this dog come from and was it abused before. If it wasn’t responding to punches maybe it’s become accustomed to it, or maybe the dog has a mean streak in it. Pit bulls are in my opinion finicky dogs to own. With how much bad rep they get, I blame the owners which in most cases it is their fault but you can’t ignore the fact that different breeds have different needs. Pit bulls are a special type of dog in my opinion and people really ought to read up on them before they decide to take one in. Plenty of people have pit bulls that there dog does nothing bad so they aren’t wholly bad but they aren’t wholly good and that can be said of any breed. It always goes back to know your breed and know your limitations. Take everything into account before you plan on buying a dog especially one that can be finicky.

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