Reunions, Shootings, and Research

Sorry it’s been a few weeks, was on an Alaskan Cruise, but now I’m back and I’m going to try to include more happy stories about dogs than sad ones but news dictates what I put in here, but I shall try my best not to be too depressing in my posts!

Turns out putting a chip in your dog can be good news. A pug that had been dog-napped from it’s yard was reunited with it’s owner on tuesday. According to the article, “Someone brought Roxy to Miami-Dade Animal Services after the pug was found dumped in Hialeah.” If it hadn’t been for the micro-chip in the dog they would never have been able to get a hold of the owner. The owners name is Zadesky Vega and in the article it said he had given up hope of seeing his dog again after 6 months had passed.  Lucky man getting his dog back when so many are not retrieved.

Roxy found at last

In sad news and I promise the only negative story this week police shot a dog that threatened a 12 year old boy. At least this time the dog was doing something legitimate. There are too many stories where police shoot a dog out of prejudice or for lame ass reasons that it’s just so uncommon to read a story where the dog was actually doing something that may have warranted shooting the dog. However I still don’t feel that shooting a dog should be the first line of defense, I feel they should have subdued the dog in some other way before pulling out their guns as soon as they saw the situation and shooting it. Dogs can be controlled so this is an unfortunate circumstance, but not as bad as other incidences I’ve written about where police or neighbors shoot a dog. It’s just sad that society has deemed it ok that the first line of defense in controlling a “raging” dog is shooting it…


Pennsylvania to open new dog park on my birthday! June 12th and June 13th are the opening days to a new dog park in Morrisville. In the article it states, ““It will be open from dawn until dusk every day,” Stieve said. “This exciting initiative began two years ago by a committed group of volunteers who formed ‘Friends of Morrisville Dog Park.’” Exciting times, there really aren’t enough dog parks, I don’t even know of one in my area, not that I’d trust my dogs to not run away, but great news for those people in Morrisville. Their hard work finally paid off.  For those of you who don’t know what a dog park is, Wikipedia’s definition is “A dog park is a facility set aside for the dogs to exercise and play off-leash in a controlled environment under the supervision of their owners.” Sounds fun right, I’m sure the dogs love, it great way to meet new friends! Or play with old ones in a safe environment. For those wanting to find a dog park in their area or find out how to start one I found this link to be helpful.

Not to say dog parks don’t have their drawbacks, common sense says that there will be dogs not fully vaccinated so the chance of your dog getting sick is slightly higher than if it never goes to a dog park. People are careless and think their dogs are the sweetest babies in the world, whether they are or not. So your dog could be attacked. Regardless dogs need to be able to play with other dogs and it’s a good way but be careful and watch out for signs of diseased dogs or harmful dogs so that you can take yours away before anything bad happens. Anyone can get into a dog park, so rat poison could easily be placed in their without anyone knowing. Take your dog to a dog park if you can, it’ll be a fun experience but be aware, some people are stupid and some people live to harm animals. Shocking I know. But as long as you are aware then nothing bad should happen, not that it can’t but it’s less likely to happen if you’re paying attention.

Dog Park Link 1

Dog Park Link 2

dog park

Finally study shows “French researchers have tapped man’s best friend to detect those at risk of developing prostate cancer, and it turns out that dogs might do a better job than a much-maligned blood test devised by modern medicine.” Another reason to love dogs. Researchers don’t know what the dogs are sniffing, just that they can correctly identify those that have prostate cancer. Once they figure out what is being sniffed they can use that to find it in urine and make it easier and quicker to identify people who have cancer. It’s amazing what modern science can do. See there is a reason God gave us dogs, so we could be saved from cancer and know true love at it’s best. Happy thoughts, dogs finding illnesses that could kill us. Dog’s officially save people every day…yet people kill dogs more often. Sad isn’t it, with all the good they do, we can’t stop doing harm to them? Seems a tad unfair….


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