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Ways to Find a Loving New Pet

July 11, 2010

Recently I was approached by my boyfriends sister-in-law with the question, how do we find a dog to buy like where do we look. Apparently her husband agreed to get a small dog for their daughter for christmas if  she could find one for a suitable price. I’ve done some online searches but on my most recent visit to Facebook I found this link posted by a friend, a friend that helps out animals whenever she can. Cross-posting messages and stories of animals in dire need of adoption and help.

Read the story? I did, and it’s the most depressing thing ever. As a pet owner it’s hard to even think of one day giving up your pet, in today’s society with the economy as it is, it’s becoming more common place. So when an owner in need of a new home for it’s pet finds one I can only imagine the comfort they feel knowing that although their most beloved family member won’t be with them anymore at least they will be in a good home. Not even a year later this man received the call saying his dog had been put in the pound, a dog that he believed was in safe caring hands and now is in yet another desperate attempt to find his pet a home.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) estimates that approximately 6-8 million dogs and cats are put into the shelter each year, with half being euthanized and half being adopted. Not bad odds but these are just estimates that were posted November 23, 2009. I estimate that at the end of this year that number will have gone up substantially. In previous posts I talked about how there are many shelters having to turn away animals due to lack of space and funds.

This is a problem across the nation, and these animals need help!

Sad thing is litters are still being produced by both safe breeders and puppy mill owners, why? Because they want money, they expect people to want a purebred over a mangy ol’ shelter dog.

Here’s the thing though, purebreds can be found in shelters, but it’s the stereotype that goes with shelter dogs, we as a nation need to change that stereotype and think differently about our lost, our abandoned, and our unwanted pets in the US. Because they are just as loving and sweet as any other.

Dogs get scared, they get confused, and they get hurt by the ones they thought they could rely on. Then they die alone, thinking they are unloved and unwanted. When there are people out there, myself included that were I in a situation to adopt them and care for them I would, I love every dog I meet and I want them all, and it’s a heartbreak to know that these dogs…and cats…are dying without love when the people are out there. I know there isn’t much we can do but if you know someone looking for a pet refer them to the shelter or the classifieds or as this man did craigslist.

The Washington post has classifieds online for: dogs, cats, and adoption.

There are ways to help without getting a pet you aren’t ready for either:

Get the word out to friends and family, have them spread the word on a dog in need maybe you can’t help but someone you know or a friends friend can help.

$1 can make a difference, does it seem like much, no, but any amount of money is more than they had before.

Join facebook groups, my Undergrad Thesis was based on a facebook application called SaveADog, join that and post dogs on your wall, keep them known.

Raise money, collect donations like blankets, towels, paper towels, old leashes/collars/toys for animals at the shelter. Getting rid of an old blanket or towel…donate it to the shelter. Anything helps.

Looking for a pet, check the classifieds, craigslist, and your local shelter, most shelters now have working sites online that allow you to view the animals in need of help, its the best way for the shelters to get their information out and to save their animals.

Just food for thought, anyways hope I didn’t depress anyone too much, and I realize there’s no ‘news’ aspect to it but I hope you learned something all the same.