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Retribution for Vucko

January 6, 2012

This one will be short and to the point. A couple of intoxicated Bosnians thought it would be all fun and games to duct tape a firework to Vucko, a German Shepherd. Then let the dog wander for 5 days with maggots and firecracker shell casings stuck in her head for 5 days. Authorities picked up the poor dog that had the entire top portion of its snout blown off. No way to eat, drink, or have reconstructive surgery done. Needless to say this poor baby had their suffering end when they were euthanized. What should have been a long, happy, loved life turned into a hurt, short and painful ending. Not only was she most likely confused, hurt and feeling rejected the poor baby could not satisfy their thirst or hunger in the end. For those that care and want to help, or atleast remember Vucko sign the petition to better Bosnian animal abuse laws at:

For those that do, thank you. For those that don’t, look at the picture and ask yourself why not. What would you do if some intoxicated person you knew did that to their dog or even your own. Remember and hope that Vucko didn’t die in vain.