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Happy Dog Box Review

March 6, 2014

I recently came across a Happy Dog Box deal thanks to Woof Woof Mama, this deal was 50% off the first box. The way Happy Dog Box does there subscriptions is a little different than most boxes. Instead of you buying your subscription and waiting for the next shipment they immediately send you a box and then every month after for the remainder of your subscription the box is sent out towards the end of the month. 


Looking on the Happy Dog Box they have had some really good boxes. The box I received has quality items in it as they advertise but I admit I was a little disappointed in it. As I have said before a subscription should not be based on one month which is why i still feel Happy Dog Box is worth a try especially after looking at previous months boxes. However I feel they rely heavily on treats. I do not mind treats in boxes but as it is Theodore has 7 open and 7 unopened bags of treats. 

In my box I received all treats and one toy. There were 2 barkworthies individually wrapped lamb rib chews (couldn’t find price), and a bag of pork jerky ($5.25). Barkworthies treats are all-natural treats that are free range and 100% digestible. Great for dogs as a snack and is a product of Australia. Theodore has had Barkworthies before and absolutely loves these chews! Theodore ate his chew too quickly, had a minor scare – silly pup, he started whining, clenched his mouth and stood stock still. He is OK but will definitely be giving him the chews in small bits so he doesn’t do it again!

Next up we received a PetSafe Lickety Stik ($5.99). I had bought Theodore one of these back when we were in an obedience class at Petsmart. It is a convenient treat, no crumbs in the bottom of my purse when carrying this around, problem is like most treats Theodore loses interest. He is much better distracted and interested in squeaky toys. If your dog is big on treats and you would like a no mess treat to carry around, this would be a great item to buy.

We also received Wildcatch Salmon Sticks ($6.99) which look like they will be easy to cut up and put in his treat balls. These are 100% human grade premium ingredients made in the USA, all natural treats with 30% protein from naturally dried/smoked salmon bits. Have not opened them yet but I’m sure Theodore will like the treats.

The last treats we received are Barley Labs ($6.49). The treats I had in the box were a small bag that split open in the box. Not very good packaging but I believe it was a small test bag instead of an actual bag you’d purchase online or in stores. Theodore loves the peanut butter treats. These treats come from a small business in North Carolina, they are made from recycled barley from beer-brewing process, peanut butter, eggs, flour and no preservatives, corn, or soy. 

The last item in the box was a Jolly Pets monster ball ($7.87) – I am interested in trying this out in the next few days. Leave treats in it when I go to work. Think Theodore will be pleased with it. He has already shown interest in the ball, now we just need treats in it! 

Overall this was a treat heavy box – not my cup of tea but I know from looking at previous months boxes that they have some really good themed boxes. I wish I had bought their tailgating box back when football season started! With contents adding up to $32.59 plus the two chews of unknown price the box is definitely worth the money. I paid $12.50 for one box at 50% off, definitely got my moneys worth. The boxes cost $25 for one month, $25 per month for 3 month subscription (paid up front), and $21 per month for 6 month subscription (paid up front).