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Retribution for Vucko

January 6, 2012

This one will be short and to the point. A couple of intoxicated Bosnians thought it would be all fun and games to duct tape a firework to Vucko, a German Shepherd. Then let the dog wander for 5 days with maggots and firecracker shell casings stuck in her head for 5 days. Authorities picked up the poor dog that had the entire top portion of its snout blown off. No way to eat, drink, or have reconstructive surgery done. Needless to say this poor baby had their suffering end when they were euthanized. What should have been a long, happy, loved life turned into a hurt, short and painful ending. Not only was she most likely confused, hurt and feeling rejected the poor baby could not satisfy their thirst or hunger in the end. For those that care and want to help, or atleast remember Vucko sign the petition to better Bosnian animal abuse laws at:

For those that do, thank you. For those that don’t, look at the picture and ask yourself why not. What would you do if some intoxicated person you knew did that to their dog or even your own. Remember and hope that Vucko didn’t die in vain.

Loss, Killing, and More Anger…

May 13, 2010

So ya sorry about not writing last week, it was senior week I was gearing up for graduation, and next week I’ll be getting ready for a cruise so I shall try my best to update but we shall see how that goes, otherwise it’ll be 3 weeks until I update…egads that’s a long time, I’ll definitely work on updating next week!

So lot’s of news this week to start off with…Delta airlines loses pup. That’s right a “Canadian couple who rescued a homeless dog from a beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, only to have him lost by Delta Airlines, has come to the Care2 website for help in finding their pet – Paco.” And to top it all off according to the article Delta is offering the couple a care package worth around 700 dollars in flight vouchers and the money that was originally paid to fly Paco to Detroit. All that to make up for the lost dog….right ok, haha this really ticks me off it’s a living breathing being! And they are going to stop looking for it? The fact that this couple had to start an online petition to get an airline to keep looking for their dog is outrageous. There’s a million and one bad things that could have happened to the dog and the company doesn’t care?!?!? “After many confusing hours Allen was finally told that Paco had escaped from his carrier on the tarmac and had run away.  Delta offered Allen a cash settlement for the fees he had paid to fly Paco to the U.S. and a credit toward a future flight.  ” OMG I don’t even know this dog but I’m worried about him, where could he be and what kind of idiot workers do they have that the dog got loose? They had to have opened the carrier at some point, otherwise I doubt the carrier was loose enough to pop open so the dog could run out onto the tarmac?!?!?! Are you freaking kidding me, that’s someones dog, that’s a part of the family and they don’t even care! Agh!

God this pisses me off I hope to Goodness gracious that pup is ok, or Delta is in big effin trouble!

To sign the petition go to this website: Find Paco

Paco the cute lil doggy that's lost all thanks to Delta

found this picture here.

Another man and his dog were killed by one or both passing Amtrak trains…remember my last post where a man was killed by a train…this is just awful, this time both died. What are the chances, they need to really make those tracks unavailable to people, according to the article this is the 3rd death in 3 months. They need to get that fixed, of course I suppose people could be smart enough to stay off the tracks….but hey I could see how it’d be a nice walk I love train tracks same as the next person but then I tend to stick to abandoned tracks…just me though. This is terrible but thought I’d throw it in there since I had a similar story last time. Very unfortunate, so if you own a dog and live by train tracks, maybe stay away from them, as cool as they are, trains are very deadly and they can sometimes come out of nowhere.

Fox Terrier urinates on Retired Marines lawn in Chicago, Marine pulled out pistol got in argument with the dogs owner and shoots him in the abdomen. The bond is set for 3 million bucks for killing a man that was simply walking his dog.  According to the article “23-year-old Joshua Funches was walking his fox terrier in the Chicago suburb of University Park on Sunday when the dog urinated on 69-year-old Charles J. Clements’ front lawn.” In the article they quote neighbors as saying that Clements is very protective of his lawn. I get that some people don’t appreciate dogs going in their yard, I got a neighbor who doesn’t want my dogs going on her grass so now I avoid her lawn but it’s insane! Where else are the dogs going to go? Either way this man is nuts, if this was their first altercation he could have just said hey don’t let your dog urinate in my yard! And been all tough about it there was no need to pull out a gun. Definitely no need for the victim to taunt the man and say “”Next time you pull out a pistol, why don’t you use it?”” Alas very sad, more misplaced anger when it comes to dogs. Be courteous to your neighbors, and if they don’t want your dog on their yard, accept that and move on, no need to get in an argument over it. The killer definitely took things way too far! Very stupid, one dog peeing on the yard won’t do anything bad to the grass, and I’m sure there are plenty of dogs that go on the yard that he doesn’t see. Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. Retired military or not! No offense to my military friends of course so please forgive me for that, the fact isn’t that he is a retired Marine but that he used his gun on an innocent man simply because the mans dog urinated on his grass.

Clement the retired U.S Marine

You can find the picture here.

Man with known mental illness attacked pit bull after going into his neighbors gated backyard where the dog was outside. The yard this man entered was only 7 houses down from his own place. The man claimed the 2 year old dog was trying to bite his daughter so he took a machete to the pit bull splitting open it’s nasal passages and breaking the cheekbone. At least that’s what the article states. I’m sure they will look more into whether or not the dog was in fact going to attack the daughter but a machete really? Is that necessary? “Caroline Griffin, chairwoman of Baltimore’s Anti-Animal Abuse Task Force, said the pit bull named Okashia sustained extensive injuries. The female dog, not quite 50 pounds, was otherwise well taken care of.” The man went into the dogs yard, clearly it was not attacking his daughter. The owner only came out after hearing their dog yelp, only to find the bloody mess and their neighbor with a machete. The man has a history of mental illness, and definitely has issues if he’s just going to attack at random. Why that dog? Because it was a pitbull, to hell with that, it’s a young pup that was minding its own business in its own yard and this man goes ape shit? This man is seriously screwed up and should be locked away or moved someone where dogs don’t exist especially if he’s going to attack at random like that. He broke into his neighbors back yard and attacked their dog, that’s a few different charges, I say lock him up for 15-20 years if not more. At the very least put him in a psych ward for a while. If he’s this messed up, sad to say but maybe he shouldn’t have rights to raise his daughter living with him might be more dangerous for her than not, what’s going to stop him from attacking his own daughter? Seriously this should never have happened, if he has a record of mental illnesses why is he allowed out in the public like that. He’s obviously a threat to society at the very least neighboring dogs in which case the neighbors have a right to know so they can protect their dogs accordingly.

To donate to the pit bull in order to help it get the medical care needed follow this link. All the dog’s bills are being paid for through this group according to this article I found on the same dog.

Got the picture from this site. Poor Okashia, if you have money please donate, this should never have been allowed to happen and it’s a very unfortunate incident.

Last article, Off duty cop gets attacked by pit bull, cops dog has to be euthanized due to extent of injuries. Ok yes I know another pit bull story, I hate on the media for putting them in a bad light but the previous story was probably a pit bull that was minding it’s own business as it wandered into a neighbors yard. Here’s the thing though when the owner of the pitbull finally came to get the dog after a 2-3 minute attack according to the article. The owner was punching the dog to make him let go of the 17 month “11-pound Yorkshire terrier-poodle mix…” Little Stewie was his name, and the pit bull came out of nowhere. “According to Howard County police, It was the 38th incident this year in which Animal Control had to be called because of a bite, with 90 percent of them involving dogs. It is believed to be the first in the county this year involving a pit bull, a police spokeswoman said.” Horrible business this is owning dogs and not taking proper care, “the owner came in to Animal Control on Wednesday to surrender the animal. The pit bull will be euthanized once rabies tests are completed.” Dog bites are common in the area, if this is the first pit bull attack it can’t be all bad. But you gotta wonder where did this dog come from and was it abused before. If it wasn’t responding to punches maybe it’s become accustomed to it, or maybe the dog has a mean streak in it. Pit bulls are in my opinion finicky dogs to own. With how much bad rep they get, I blame the owners which in most cases it is their fault but you can’t ignore the fact that different breeds have different needs. Pit bulls are a special type of dog in my opinion and people really ought to read up on them before they decide to take one in. Plenty of people have pit bulls that there dog does nothing bad so they aren’t wholly bad but they aren’t wholly good and that can be said of any breed. It always goes back to know your breed and know your limitations. Take everything into account before you plan on buying a dog especially one that can be finicky.

Crazy Weird Dog Stories/ Puppy Mill busted Dogs sent to Chicago!

April 29, 2010

Several strange and crazy stories this week: First a man gets run over by a train while walking the dog? Yup very sad news, dog was ok but the owner was killed. It was apparently a coaster commuter train in California. Who would even think that would happen? I’m sure he wasn’t intentionally walking in the way of the train. I feel bad for his family hope they are doing alright. For those of you with dogs, be careful of where you walk the dog. Getting run over by a train is a bit out there but there are a lot of bad things that can happen while walking the dog, in a previous post someone got shot outside their own home because someone was threatened by the owners dog…craziness. Be careful and watch out for crazies.

Bad wind frees dogs! So animal control in Nevada where as it states in the article “Gusts reached 131 mph over the top of the Sierra Nevada and 97 mph in parts of southwest Reno on Tuesday.” 131 MPH!!! And the dogs were outside? I’m sorry but who’s irresponsible enough to leave their dog outside? Crazy people, the dogs could have been killed by flying debris, I mean seriously fences were broken, lawn chairs blown all over the place. Those 47 dogs are lucky to be alive! How stupid do you have to be to allow your dog to be outside in 131 MPH winds. I don’t care if the owner never lets their dog inside, with winds that high I think they could break the rules a little bit even if it’s just to save the animal.  Debris all over the place and these people just let their dogs loose, like what’d they think was going to happen? Did they not believe the weatherman, you’d think the high winds would work up to being that fast, there was warning and yet…they did nothing. Bravo…

The place where high winds don't scare the owners out of letting their dogs out...

Two pit-bulls found dead, the cause of death is believed to be severe neglect…In the article it states “”They basically starved to death,” said Suffolk County SPCA chief Roy Gross. “They suffered for quite a while.”” It’s bad enough that it’s pit-bulls a breed that is given way too much media, more often than not bad media. A breed that is hated on so much and so often gets a short blurb on how 2 were found starved in a trash bin. Oh goody glad they care enough to post more information, most articles will try to find someone who might have seen something or someone who lives/works in the area to comment. Seriously where’s the love? A blurb for 2 dogs found dead, I feel the pit-bulls are highly under appreciated. Are they intimidating, yes, are they stronger than a lot of dogs, yes. Are they uncontrollable and bad by nature, no. They are a breed that needs training and special care. Neglect and hate towards them and really any dog will make them mean. The problem is a lot of people get them for dog training and thus give them a bad rep. I personally wouldn’t own one because I don’t feel as though I could train it correctly and I wouldn’t feel comfortable, but despite that I don’t feel they deserve the bad media they get. No one ever focuses on the owner except in the Michael Vick case because he an effin celebrity. OMG a celebrity fucked up again, let’s highlight why and then skip to how that’ll screw with his career. Never mind focusing on why pit-bulls are why they are, and why they get the bad rep. This is lame, they need to get a lot more information out on this case and not a short blurb that simply states 2 pit-bulls found in trash bin apparently starved to death…effin lame.

Just a regular ol' pitbull wanting some love and care. This dog isn't a killer no way!

Chicago get’s rescued puppy mill doggies! That’s right people in Chicago get ready to start lookin for potential new family members. From Tennessee to the windy city, 100 puppies and full grown dogs are being brought in, saved from a puppy mill! If you don’t know what that is please refer to my previous post on it. In short it’s a mass breeding facility with horrid conditions for the dogs. In the article it states that “the city has more than 300 dogs in its shelters, about 65 of which have had their shots, have been spayed or neutered, and are ready to go.” Yay for saving dogs from puppy mills, that’s a win for puppy advocates everywhere. It’s always nice to hear when a puppy mill has been busted. Hope those SOB’s get what they deserve for running a puppy mill. For more information on adopting the dogs as it states in the article “Dogs, cats and other animals up for adoption by the city can be viewed at the city animal shelter, 2741 s. Western Av., Wednesday through Friday 4-7 p.m., and weekends from 12 noon until 3 p.m. and 4-7 p.m.”

How can you say no to these faces!!! Click on the picture to see more they are sooo adorable!!

The link to this photo and more can be found here! Check them out they are so adorable and all these pups and dogs are deserving of loving,caring forever homes or at the very least foster homes to show them what real love is all about.

In other brief news Firefighters rescue dog from…wait for it…an electrical recliner! That’s right folks an old dog at a retirement home got saved from a chair no less. All whilst giving the ladies the chance to check out the young firefighters. You almost have to wonder if they did it on purpose. Haha just kidding but I’m sure it was a very thrilling day for that retirement home.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) pays to put advertisements on dying comedians urn? 200 bucks to put advertisements such as “One of the PETA ads will say: “I’ve Kicked the Bucket — Have you? Boycott KFC.” The other reads: “People who Buy Purebred Dogs Really Burn Me Up. Always Adopt.”” on Aaron Jamison’s urn. A comedian from Oregon. Although admittedly I’m a bit offended by the second ad. My parents bought purebred, I love my dogs, I see no problem with buying purebred, those dogs need homes. Are their cases as urgent as the none purebred dogs, certainly not. There are purebreds in the shelters but I see no problem with not adopting. I personally feel as though I’ll adopt from a shelter but that’s me. I think PETA is wayyy too one-minded. Paid octo-mom a couple grand to put a sign in her yard about not letting pets be like her. Ok that’s great, but people can have a choice, I agree with the spaying and neutering sign but to say always adopt, way to take the choice out all dogs need home not just shelter dogs. I will however say seeing shelter dog pics is heartbreaking and if you have the choice, consider it before you blow it off. My parents have their reasons for only getting purebreds and that’s fine by me. I’ll adopt when/if I can ever afford to have a dog. Although with this economy and how much I’ll be paying in taxes after recent laws being passed…well anyways if I can get a dog I will adopt.

Another crazy/wacky story, in Australia blind man’s dog gets booted from restaurant for being “gay.” Wow really? Even if it was a gay dog why the heck does it matter????? It’s a dog people!  Article states, “The tribunal on Friday ordered the restaurant to pay Jolly 1,500 dollars (1,400 US) and offer him a written apology for discriminating against him on the grounds of disability.” Well that’s what the restaurant gets for being just plain stupid. Apparently you can put a price on stupidity…

Pit-bull running loose on roads slows morning commute. Dog did nothing wrong but get away from its owner during a walk. Man doesn’t know if it’s his dog but he believes it is. If someone has a picture or even a video of this dog I would hope he’d be able to identify it as his for sure or not but oh well whatever. Article states, ”
The dog’s weaving in and out of traffic appeared to slow down drivers and bring others to a complete stop. At times the dog looked like it was running the Arlington Million, at others it resembled a hurried jaywalker. And whoever said dogs aren’t smart didn’t see this one. Appearing to have enough of the traffic, the pit bull exited the expressway at the 1st Avenue ramp in Maywood and headed south for the woods.” Smart dog hope he get’s home alright. Hopefully he’s found by authorities before some jackass with a vendetta against pit-bulls gets at him. The dog can be as sweet as can be but if it trusts human’s too much because of its breed and human preconception about the breed that trust could land the dog in a whole lot of trouble…eek hope he gets home safely!

Danger, Court Losses and Human-Canine Connections

April 21, 2010

Sharon L. Peters writes what I believe to be a blog called “Pet Talk” updated earlier today her latest post is about a ride she took with a rescue group in St. Louis to pick up some strays. It really brings out some of the truths of rescues, they can’t save them all. The group she rode along with is “Stray Rescue of Saint Louis.” A rescue that according to the article/blog that, “Spends about $70,000 a month on vet care, has rehabbed and found homes for all but 10 of the 20,000 dogs they’ve rescued in 12 years.” Pretty impressive. On the day Sharon rode along with the rescue they were able to save three dogs, only two were on the list of saving that day. One dog that earned the name Seward was found unexpectedly in a storm drain that the founder of the rescue parked by. Another was a puppy that was in a very small cage being ill-treated, the rescue had to pay some money to the owner to get the pup out of there. The final dog was a formerly pregnant pit bull mix that had external health issues and had been hanging out by a school. With the exception of the puppy the other two had been abandoned by their owners. Randy Grim the rescue worker that Sharon had rode around with said the pit bull mix had probably just stayed where she had been abandoned waiting for her owners to come back. The point of all this is rescues can’t save them all. It even says in the article they have to get the most urgent cases off the streets first. Can you imagine making that decision, who gets saved who has to wait a day. Hundreds of stray animals, 1 rescue, 2 small buildings, another building on the way, but ultimately no way to provide for them all. Now the rescue leaves food for some packs they know are out there but that’s food, that’s not love or shelter. Life’s rough for these dogs, even if their situation is made aware to other people there still isn’t an absolute chance they will be saved. It’s amazing she got to ride along for a day and I’m glad those three dogs got saved but could you imagine not being able to save them all. That’s got to be heartbreaking.

Supreme Court overturns it’s ruling on “Robert Stevens, a documentary filmmaker in rural Virginia who sold books, videos, and equipment related to raising pit bulls through the now-defunct site.” When he was convicted it was for providing content to the public that dog fighters could be interested in. According to, the article Stevens said “he does not condone dog fighting in any way.” The ruling was overturned because the law is too broad, and at this point it could target hunting magazines/pictures/videos. The article states “The majority opinion did, however, leave open the possibility that a narrower law targeting only crush videos and depictions of “extreme animal cruelty” could be constitutional.” So apparently there are videos out there of people crushing animals, one example talked about was a lady crushing earthworms with her heel. If people are getting off to that kind of video I’m highly disturbed. I know people have weird fetishes but a fetish with harming animals that just seems sick and sadistic, those people should be put in a mental institute for observation or at the very least have a them marked out so they can never get a hold of a pet from a reputable seller. Clearly dirty sellers will sell to whoever but in general they wouldn’t be able to get to animals. So this man didn’t do anything wrong, he just created materials that would interest dog fighters, there should be a law however that makes it illegal to put really bad animal cruelty photos/videos up online. Anyone who videotapes/photographs dog fighting and then posts it online should be arrested.

The Link

PBS is doing a documentary narrated by Patrick Neil Harris and based on a book called “Through a Dog’s Eye.” A book written by Jennifer Arnold a lady who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this disease it is a degenerative disease of the Central Nervous System. There are various stages and types of MS, Arnold had a form that landed her in a wheelchair. When she couldn’t get a service dog due to being really low on the list for a dog, her dad decided to open his own school for training canine assistants. The article states however that her dad was killed by a drunk motorcyclist so she and her mother carried on the dream. “Canine Assistants breeds its own dogs, and trains rescue and shelter dogs. There are 150 dogs in training year-round.” They have given away 1,000 dogs, given away as in they pay the bills and the 22,000 to train each dog, at no cost to the person waiting in line for a pet to help them. That’s insane but absolutely amazing.  This documentary highlights the bond between animals and humans. Should be extraordinary considering the fact that studies have been done that show there is a very positive connection between pet owners and their pets. To show it from the point of view of someone with disability will show more than ever why pets should be bred, and how there are ways other than the usual way to save animals from shelters. All these free dogs come from shelters and rescues, that’s 1000 dogs saved for the use of good by this organization. Props to them that’s amazing, and it’s an outstanding cause.

Well that’s it for this week, I found this interesting video linked to the comments section of this last article pretty interesting. Cool Video.

Heroes, Haters, and Unfortunate Circumstances

April 12, 2010

Three Air Force Service dogs to retire. Jampy (German Shepherd served 10 years) , Roc (Malinois served 9 years), and Kisma (malinois served 11 years). The article states that “the dogs have deployed on a variety of missions with the Air Force, Army and Marines.” The article also states that the dogs were able to help greatly “by training in narcotics and patrol or explosives and patrol, according to Staff Sgt. John Pillarella, 56th SFS kennel master.” Their retirement ceremony was April 6th at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.  As a happy ending to a long career, “All three of their handlers jumped at the chance to adopt Jampy, Roc and Kisma.”

In sadder news a 21 year old walking their pit bull got shot in November in front of their own home. Apparently the shooter felt “threatened” by this mans pit bull, even though the owner yelled out that his dog didn’t bite. I’m sure the dog wasn’t close to the shooter but apparently close enough the man felt threatened. One suspect according to, the article “was charged with first-degree murder and has a bail hearing scheduled for today (April 12, 2010).” When police arrived on the scene they found  Princess (the dog in question) circling her owners body. Has it gotten so bad in society that a dog merely at a difference can bring fear into peoples hearts? The BSL I mentioned in my last post isn’t helping it’s creating fear. Fear that a dog of a specific breed will up and attack no matter who owns it or where it comes from. Our politicians should change this, they should want to stop the fear and fix the situation, educating people is the only way to save them from “vicious” dogs. To understand when a dog is dangerous is much better than to think a type of breed is dangerous all the time. What kind of society are we that we allow fear to grow and fear to kill?

Daines Pit Bull

Father riding an ATV with daughter on the back, brakes for two loose dogs, kills one dog and daughter. The accident happened at 9:30 PM on April 11th. According to, the article “The ATV struck and killed one of the dogs and overturned. Hummel was partially ejected, while Mercedeze was thrown clear of the ATV.” The one time you hear about a child actually wearing their helmet and they die. Very unfortunate news. The whole accident is very tragic and sad, you try to do something good, avoid hitting an animal and then you lose your daughter and kill one of the dogs in the process. Props for trying, Drops to the unfortunate events that happened following it. What gets me though about this article are the postings from other people on it, “It may have been an accident that he hit a dog at night with an ATV on a county road but it was no accident that this moron had a 7 year old as a passenger.And no, I don’t have any sympathy for them. You just can’t fix stupid.” And “Very sad, I just hope the adult driver AND the owner(s) of the dogs are prosecuted.” Not to mention “The little girl would have been in her bed asleep and alive if the “parent(s)” had any sense of responsibility. Ever heard of a BEDTIME for a little child, especially on a school night? Not to mention all the other issues that resulted in the death of this little girl.”How rude, and ignorant do you have to be??? Now granted there are a lot of people defending the parents but these harsh statements stick out more than others, bad parenting? Can’t fix stupid? One person posted that she knew the family and the girl was simply visiting her dad for the weekend. If that’s true then heck ya he’s going to live up the weekend with his daughter, parents take their kids out on ATV’s all the time. I mean my uncle mentioned in a previous blog, borrows his friends ATV and lets his kids drive it around on the property. They have to wear helmets and stay within site but accidents happen. This was unfortunate but to be so rude and ignorant to a family that just lost their daughter. What inconsiderate assholes. Stuff like that makes me soooo mad, same thing happened after the farmville murders. People are so so judgemental and it really isn’t fair or right to be so mean to people that just lost an important part of their world.


Finally man shot roommates dog in the face with a BB gun. Three guesses as to what kind of dog this was, that’s right a pit bull. A pit bull I might add that simply chewed up this mans shoes. Now in the article it says, “Bennett told police he had been shooting at birds and had shot the dog accidentally, according to police.” Later on they found that it was intentional based on the point of entry. Seriously how stupid and mean do you have to be. Thank god the dog survived, but it’s not a vicious dog, just a hungry shoe loving dog. So get your roommate to buy you a new pair of shoes like the ones his dog chewed up. No need to shoot the dog in the face, had it gone in at a different angle he could easily have killed that dog…People really need to think before they shoot. The shot made a scratch an inch away from the dogs eyes…he could have easily blinded the dog if he had been one inch over. Stupid Stupid people. How materialistic do you have to be to shoot a dog with a BB gun over shoes??? Shoes can be replaced, dog’s vision or brains can’t be. Idiotic people, at least this pit bull accident wasn’t over it being vicious or a threat, no instead it’s over some stupid pair of shoes. Blechhh stupid roommates. People need to screen their roommates if they are going to bring a dog into the house, make sure the roomy won’t shoot it over a silly little mess…

Dogs…The Difference Between Caring Too Much and Not Caring Enough

April 6, 2010

In West Union, OH a puppy hoarder was outed. According to the article Joyce Nixon said she had planned, “to develop a safe shelter for homeless dogs, but her program had not received a nonprofit status and she was unable to get funding for the project.” She fell ill and lost her job….that’s when things got out of hand. 64+ dogs found at this ladies home, not to mention the puppies in a feces covered dog house. Now she says her intention was to open a non-profit dog rescue…so assuming she’s telling the truth, we can safely say she cares. However she fell ill and lost her job, so there were some serious setbacks and things got out of hand. If you care so much, I mean enough to open a non-profit shelter….why not call in for help. There are plenty of rescues and other shelters around. I get what she was trying to do, but her actions don’t add up to her words. It’s horrifying and disgusting. According to the article, there were deceased dogs in boxes. Why would anyone do that? It’s horrifying, she cared enough to care too much and therefore didn’t care enough. If that made any sense at all, but if you care about an animal whether you think you’re saving it or not, you have to be able to step back from the situation no matter if you’re out a job or ill or whatever, and assess the situation. It could be that you aren’t really helping at all and need to in turn get help yourself. Be wise, know when you’re in over your head. Puppy  hoarding is a big fat no-no. It’s not acceptable to hoard inanimate objects, it sure as heck isn’t acceptable to hoard living creatures.

If you can believe it though, Joyce Nixon is not the worst in the news this week, one lady had 42 dead dogs in her freezer, some were wrapped in plastic in the freezer with foods such as veggies and meats. However 29 dogs were found alive, since then 3 dogs have died, according to one article the veterinarian thinks they got into rat poison in one of the outhouses. The same article states that 20 of the 26 living dogs are up for adoption. Lets hope they find a better home this time around.  The freezers in case you don’t read the articles were the big chest and up right freezers. Ugh it’s horrific! And you know what her reason was? Well according to the article she said “The Devil was at work.” Are you kidding me?!? She has to have mental issues, there’s no other way. People so, so need to be screened before being allowed to own pets. She was breeding them! According to another article she was waiting for a relative to help her bury the dogs but they hadn’t been by in two weeks. According to that same article the Sheriff’s department investigator Eric King told her “It’s hard to believe that 42 dogs died in a two-week period.” My thoughts are…even if they had, something went seriously wrong and she should be in even more trouble if they did all die in two-weeks. Enough ranting on this I will however add that it does say in the article she will be “held in jail Saturday  in lieu of $32,250 bail. She had dogs wrapped in plastic in her freezer…and many other emaciated and she gets off with bail?? Lame…below is her house…so unsuspecting isn’t it?

In Denver, a non-profit, no-kill shelter is closing down. Mariah’s Promise, is being foreclosed after the owners custom business was shut down due to the economy, the owner Toni Phillips is hoping to find a new building/home to open up a shelter for the dogs she has. The shelter has been open since 2003, and has saved 500+ dogs since 2005 when the state started banning pit bull terriers. Phillips said in the article that “”My only plan, the only thing I know for certain right now is I won’t abandon these dogs. I just won’t.”

Read more:

Now if any of that bothered you, get ready for this, BSL, or Breed Specific Legislation, where a law is not made based on case by case dog problems but rather bans a whole breed, simply because they are what they are. Pit Bulls get a lot of bad rep with these. I mean come on hasn’t anyone watched Homeward Bound. Chance is banned in several states, he would have been taken away from those owners were something like that to take place today.

In one article I found “According to the Humane Society of the United States, a dog’s tendency to bite depends on several factors, including socialization, genetic makeup, quality of care (such as whether it is chained outside for long periods of time), whether the dog has been spayed or neutered, and behavior of the victim.”

Not to say that it can’t be in the dog, clearly dogs not neutered can get to be really rough, just another reason to spay and neuter pets. My uncles dog bit, he was a cocker spaniel, maybe that breed should be on the list of banned dogs. But he did that because he wasn’t neutered. My uncle would always have at least 2 spaniels to breed them every now and then. The dog got very protective and mean. So neuter your pets or recognize the problem and put them down, my uncle did. He had Nick put down because he had bitten a few people and it wasn’t a problem that could or would go away. Not to say Nick was a bad dog, he just got more protective and “macho” as he got older, this comes from I guess testosterone or whatever male dogs have that makes them more aggressive, so to speak. Either way he got meaner as he got older and by that time spaying/neutering wouldn’t make a difference, my uncle recognized that and had him put down. Not an easy decision I assure you but it’s one that unfortunately could not be avoided.

There are 75 banned breeds, 75! What’s stopping that number from going up, all’s it takes is a few bad owners with the same breed to get people complaining and lobbying to have the dog put on the list. This won’t stop, until people stop blaming the breed. It’s unfortunate that people get attacked and I feel bad for the victims but when an entire breed is banned in states because of a few attacks, it doesn’t seem right. Ban the person, not the breed.

For a complete list of banned breeds in the US check this out, You’ll be surprised I guarantee it:

or you can see it on this site

Here’s a nifty youtube video on the issue I found it to be quite compelling:

Dog saved, Dog’s unwanted, Dog Killed, and Dog’s found

March 30, 2010

A dog spent 16 days out at sea alone after owner supposedly fell overboard. The private yacht had been traveling from Tauranga, New Zealand to Gisborn, his ship never showed up. The search and rescue ended after only 3 days. According to the article “March 28, the drifting ghost yacht was spotted near the Chatham Islands, 110 km from land, by a New Zealand Air Force Orion plane.” A ship in the area was sent to check it out, seas were too rough, and they had to wait a day to board. Upon boarding they found Juanita the sailors dog, very shaken up I might add. None the less the dog is OK and saved. Although without an owner which is quite unfortunate. Happy end for the dog though, I’m glad they found the ship. Read more by following the link, and if you click on the picture it will take you to the article as well.

In Japan dogs are more likely to be put down than saved in shelters, not far off from China but much more humane about it. According to the article, dogs are held for up to 7 days in a shelter. Problem being, that people are encouraged to buy from pet shops rather than adopt. Again it’s a status thing, purebreds are soo much more fancier and better. Although if you think about it, dogs are being abandoned by the same people that gave into the whole ‘purebred’ status thing. So technically most of them should still hold their status image except for the fact you’re saying it came from a shelter hmm…that’s a tough one to crack. Not to mention as the article states people treat buying dogs lightly, “As there are people who treat dogs as part of their family, there are also those who buy them for simple reasons like celebrating a daughters birthday.” Statistics in the article say that in one shelter 88 percent of dogs were put down in 2008. As opposed to the 6-9 percent put down in Britain. A country I might add that pushes for adopting from shelters rather than pet shops. To each their own, but at least they are working on the problem. Very sad though, however I will give props, they are much more humane than China and that is something to be said.Follow the link at the beginning of the paragraph or click the picture to get to the original story.

A man was sentenced for roasting an ex-girlfriends dog to death. This article gives more detail as to what happened. This article tells what the jury found. So I don’t think I have to say I’m mortified and very upset and mad about what happened but what they hay I’ll state the obvious I’m pissed, WTH?!? Not to mention if you read the sentencing on this, it is beyond horrific. “Kleiman got one year for killing the five month old Pekinese and five years for burglary.” 1 year for roasting a puppy alive?!?!? Like really, really really?????? So burglary is worse, not the whole he broke in to her apartment and used her oven to kill the puppy? Right that makes sense. The dog roasted alive in an oven for God knows how long and out of this mans 6 year sentence only 1 year is for killing the dog? I’m pleased he got 6 years compared to the short amount of time other puppy killers get, it’s better than nothing or better than him just getting the 1 year sentence. When you break it down to what the years were given for, 1 flipping year are you kidding me? THE DOG WAS STUFFED INTO AN OVEN!!! Can I say that loud enough because I don’t think caps is doing it justice. I hope you’re feeling some of what I’m feeling because that’s ridonkulous. He broke into her home, took the dog, stuffed it in an oven, turned it on, and left. The dog can’t open the door, his paws were probably starting to burn by the time this man left, I don’t even want to imagine any whines or barking that escaped the dog before his voice was stifled by smoke and slowly layed down on the burning grill of the inside oven to give up on life, but his brains probably fried before any of that happened so maybe he didn’t feel the pain, but he died. This poor innocent puppy died because of a pissed off ex-boyfriend. I couldn’t imagine how that puppy felt but I can imagine about  100 different ways it could have burned in that oven and it’s depressing as hell and the boyfriend got 1 year? Bullshit Shenanigans. That man deserves so much more time in jail than he got. Like when does burglary become more of a crime than leaving a dog to roast and melt alive??? Great country we live in here, amazing, awesome, superb. Love our legal system. Bah Humbug!

In other news AT&T is having a dog collar designed that will allow owners to track their dogs. The wireless provider is trying to research new ways to bring in revenue. “One of those being a wireless dog collar that could text or email an owner based on a dog’s position.” GPS for dogs, should be available later this year according to the article. Hopefully this will cut down on lost pets, assuming the dogs don’t lose the collar or have it taken from them…but it’s a good idea over all. For those pet owners not especially supportive of having a chip put into a dog. So there you go, alternatives to having a computer chip placed into your dog for locating purposes. Next step chips in kids, we’ll never lose them again! The picture links to a site that sells dog collars, personally if I got a GPS tracker in a dog collar I’d want a spikey one, maybe that’s how they’ll hide the wires etc. More over if a wire gets loose could that shock the dog? I wonder how that’s going to work, dogs loving water and all, and wires in their collar….this could get interesting.

Dogs Dogs and More Dogs

March 24, 2010

So this week I decided to try something new, instead of reporting on one subject, I decided to include a brief-ish paragraph on a few different articles in the news. Some good and Some bad.

So did you know in China, all’s you have to do to look rich is own a Tibetan mastiff? Crazy right using dogs for fashion and to show off wealth? According to the article in America these dogs only cost seven hundred dollars, but in China they can sell for thousands upon thousands. It’s kind of disgusting how they use dogs as status cues. I get that celebrities here use dogs to show off like Paris Hilton’s chihuahua but seriously in China? That’s a laugh and a half considering how they treat dogs on the streets. Dogs and cats are food items….”Dogs bark and whine behind high chain-link fences, some of them gnawing the wire so hard they bleed at the mouths while cats packed into crowded cages cower in fear if anyone approaches.” On the plus side according to several news articles including the one linked it talks about how legislation might pass that will ban eating cats and dogs so kudos for finally figuring that one out. They are also the country that decided to kill 36,000 stray dogs to get rid of rabies because I’m sure every dog had rabies right? China is most well known for it’s political party affiliations, but what really needs to be looked at is how they treat their animals, good job killing thousands of innocent animals but paying thousands to get a type of breed just to “look” rich. Man I tell you what I’m loving China more and more every day bahahaha.

This picture was found at this site.

The Iditarod ended with no dog deaths this year, an 1100 mile race that has been around since 1973. Fun fact did you know that the Iditarod trail was what was used by gold rushers? Once they were dropped off in port they had to use dogs to get to their final destination. Oof but could you imagine 1100 miles to run in the freezing cold? According to the first article, 6 dogs died in 2009 alone during this race. Out of the 55 racers that finished this year no dog died, I’m amazed and quite pleased. That’s quite a feat for dogs, 2 weeks, 1100 miles. “Mushers attributed their teams overall health to the relatively good trail conditions, low temperatures and the lack of a major storm.” Kind of makes me want to watch Iron Will again! Happy thoughts though, maybe one day I’ll get to watch this historical race in action, and hope that this no dog dying thing becomes a trend instead of a one year fluke. Also check out the Iditarod official webpage, I hope I get to write from these press releases one day that’d be awesome!

This picture was taken from this site.

Maximum seven years in prison for a couple who let 5 “vicious” dogs run loose and attack 4 children who were with their mother walking. According to the article one dog was shot when trying to attack a police officer, which I understand that’s a thing with them. Can’t find the article now but a few months back there was an article about how police men shot a chihuahua puppy who was patiently waiting on it’s owners doorsteps to arrive home when it bit a policeman trying to pick it up. Owners returned to a bloody door, and a “he bit me” from the police. It was a puppy chihuahua so I’ve no doubt in my mind they’d kill a “vicious” dog. I put quotes because I don’t believe any dog is inherently vicious, I believe they have to be trained or raised to be vicious. The rest of the dogs were rounded up and caged until they could match the dogs to the bites. The ultimate plan for the dogs rounded up is to euthanize them. Considering the extent of the attack I suppose I’ll let that slip but when the dogs are killed and the owners who made them that way only get a max of 7 years prison which oh by the way hasn’t been decided if that’s what they are getting, that seems pretty messed up to me. They could easily get more dogs when they are free and do the same thing again, the owners are at fault not the dogs, lock them up for life, should be attempted murder via dog. Yeesh!

I sincerely hope you learned something from my blog today, I know the format is different and there are more topics covered, but the links provided give a lot of information I feel. I also think I covered each topic well enough. Let me know your thoughts on the new format and whether or not you feel you learned anything from it and what I can do to change it, or go back to the old format. Thank you for your feedback.

Euthanasia Stats Abused

March 16, 2010

First off let me give a definition of euthanasia for those of you who don’t know or don’t fully understand. Euthanasia is the act of putting to death painlessly or allowing to die, as by withholding extreme medical measures, a person or animal suffering from an incurable, esp. a painful, disease or condition. That’s according to which is pretty spot on to what it is. For an animal that is in pain and has no chance of survival or their medical bills can’t be paid by any means the owner can opt to have their animal put down so they can die peacefully instead of living out their last few months in extreme pain.

Now as you might imagine a shelter that has lower euthanasia stats are going to be more appealing to the public. This means that they are virtually a “no kill” shelter their animals survive and they keep them well fed and taken care of until they are adopted. It’s especially appealing to an owner who has to give up their pet for financial reasons or whatever.  It also means that the shelter will get more donations for not killing their animals. If you were to compare two shelters one that has 50% kill rate vs. 6% kill rate. Who are you more likely to give your money to? I personally would go to the shelter that isn’t going to kill the animals, although the one that does might be doing it because they are underfunded so maybe giving them money would help more in cutting their kills.

Regardless however, to what extent are some shelters willing to go to keep their numbers down? I was quite horrified when I came across an article on MSNBC’s site titled “Animal Shelter Turned into ‘House of Horrors‘” kinda gets you wondering what the heck it’s talking about right?

Turns out the Toronto Humane Society which for those of you who didn’t know because I know I didn’t know before reading this article, bragged about having a 6% euthanasia rate. That’s superb for big cities that generally have much larger euthanasia rates. The problem with this particular shelter is that it had that little problem of animal neglect and abuse. Gee but who cares about the animals when they aren’t being put down prematurely right?

The article states the shelter is “a place where infections ran rampant, animals lived in filthy conditions, food was scarce and a no-euthanasia policy led to sick animals suffering and dying without adequate medical care.”

Now I’m all for not putting animals down I think it’s aweful that innocent animals are put down in shelters every day however, I’m not for animals living in horrid conditions for it. Not living in sanitary conditions and being sick all the time is no way to live for these animals. Even if the shelter owner meant to do good by not putting the animals down, they were doing more harm than help. No person would adopt a dog from there after seeing the conditions the animal was living in. If they aren’t going to be adopted and they are going to live in pain and sickness than why keep them alive? I know it sound harsh but you understand right? There are plenty of no-kill shelters, rescues, and other animal places that are able to keep their euthanasia rates down without making their animals live in pain so why not reach out to them for help if it became that serious of a problem? Or go the unfortunate unfair route and put the animal down, it’s sad and certainly not right but it isn’t any more ethical forcing an animal to live in the conditions they were forced into while at this shelter.

This isn’t to say that all shelters are scot free of horrors or full of horrors but there is a mix of them out there. As it says in this article while the Toronto shelter was being checked out by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) the American SPCA were looking into allegations made at two shelters.

The allegations made were “At the Clarksdale-Coahoma County Animal Shelter in Mississippi, a facility built to hold 60 dogs was discovered in January to be crammed with 400 animals. At the city-run Memphis Animal Shelter, dogs were discovered starving and three supervisors were indicted in February on animal cruelty charges connected to the deaths of three terriers.”

It is a big deal in the way that when you go to a shelter you expect them to tell the truth and be humane. Their stats are most likely the truth but how humane they are, now that’s questionable. It’s sad to say that these establishments that we trust to take care of animals in need of help are betraying our trust. Yes they are horrible places for putting dogs down but can we fault them for not having the funding or space for their animals, no not really. It’s a sad horrible truth but sometimes what is best for the dog is putting them down. I really hate saying that I do. I would love nothing more than to save every animal from being put down but then I would be no better than a neglectful shelter or puppy mill, I wouldn’t breed the animals but they’d live in horrid conditions because of my lack of money and space. That’s where you really need to draw the line is, whats best for the dog. Clearly finding them a home is best but if the economy isn’t in the right place or he isn’t the cutest most snuggly dog in the shelter and doesn’t get chosen for so many months what is there really to do? I’d say send him to a rescue but they don’t work like that.

Heck there are still shelters with gas chambers, throw back to WWII right? It’s not humane it’s not fair and it’s not cool that innocent healthy cute lovable animals are put down every day but there just isn’t room for them. Ugh I’m kinda getting disgusted at myself for writing this but the truth hurts sometimes I suppose.

I don’t want to fault the animal shelter owner for trying to not kill all their animals especially if it was simply just trying to save their lives and for the love of the animal however it was inhumane and wrong in a lot of ways. If it was for money or for appeal, or just because the owner is sadistic and wanted to see the animals suffer it’s not cool to “save” an animal by making it live in just aweful conditions. That’s not saving it that’s cruel and unusual punishment. To top off no one wanting to love it or save it, it then has to live in bad conditions. Shelters like that make me sick, not that shelters that kill make me feel any better but I’d rather see what’s best for the dog done than have it live in a state like that.

Ok well I can’t talk about that anymore I am completely torn between saying don’t kill innocent dogs just because they can’t get love and saying that shelter owner should go to jail and never be allowed animals again. I don’t want to advocate for kill shelters nor advocate abuse in shelters. So on with the good story of the day.

The 3rd annual Dogs of Valor Winner was announced March 10th. This years winner was Kenai, a dog that is 14 years old and saved 7 adults, 2 kids, and 4 dogs from carbon monoxide poisoning in a vacation home they were all staying at. This Bernese Mountain Dog certainly is a dog of valor. I encourage you to click on the link and read his story.

Don’t just stop at his story though follow this link to read about all the other runner up dogs and their stories of valor. From dogs that saved owners to neighbors, to sons and more.  The human and animal bond truly is strong and I feel that by reading these stories it will more than make up for all the sad stories I write about.

Poisoned in Their Own Yards

March 9, 2010

Ever joked about poisoning your neighbors dog just because you find them to be annoying? I personally never have but a lady that works in the same building as me did…don’t worry she was just kidding and venting but still pissed me off. So much so that I went home that night and looked up the effects of rat poison on dogs. This lady said her neighbors dog is never bounded and always goes in her yard to take a dump, the neighbors never pick it up. Fine talk to the neighbors or find a safe way to get the dog to stop, her way of venting was thinking up ways to just make the dog sick so they wouldn’t want to come back. That’s the part that got me curious, would rat poison simply make the dog sick or would it do more damage. Apparently it’s the latter of the two. Rat poison attacks the blood stream, goes for the different organs and makes them shut down, if it’s taken in a high enough dose.

The problem with this is, you don’t always know if your dog was in fact poisoned on purpose or if they simply caught the wrong rat. Rat poison within their prey. That can just make them sick. Dogs can survive being rat poisoned or being given anti-freeze but only if it’s caught in time and has plenty of medical attention.

There are two recent stories in the news about dogs dying of rat poison, one in Hawaii where a mans dog died and was only found to have rat poison in it’s stomach after a post-mortem autopsy. And a news broadcast about two dogs that were rat poisoned, one of the dogs died. In both cases the poisoners were not caught, and that’s the problem with dogs being rat poisoned on purpose, if a dog is allowed to wander around a neighborhood it could be they themselves got into the stuff on their own or they were given it on purpose but there is no way to prove who did it. If it is done in someones yard, it might be a little easier to find who did it especially if a certain neighbor has been complaining of the dog recently but if there is no hard evidence there isn’t much the police can do.

As highlighted in this site it is important to know what type of poison it is and how much your pet ingested. Without that information a vet can’t treat properly. If you think your pet has been poisoned in any way don’t wait go in immediately!

The unfortunate thing is symptoms can go unnoticed as highlighted in this story written by an owner who’s dog came extremely close to dying but survived because it was caught just in time.

In a blog “written” by a dog there are many different poisons and other household dangers described.

Summer is almost upon us which means more people will be outside, as well as their dogs. There are many poisons and dangers to dog’s that need to be looked out for but can’t be avoided such as spider and snake bites, fish hooks, and bugs. Clearly being outside is a danger to dogs and it’s not to say keep your dog inside and leash him whenever he’s outside but watch out for symptoms and call your vet as soon as you think something is wrong. Better safe than sorry right?

Basic symptoms of rat poisoning are:

The following symptoms are often observed in a dog who eats rat poison:

  • Pale Gums
  • Weakness
  • Bloody Nose
  • Blood in the Urine
  • Blood in the Feces
  • Coughing Up Blood
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Distended, Firm Abdomen (due to internal bleeding)
Not in the U.S but according to the site I pulled this picture from, poisoning dogs is like a sport to people in peru.
It’s a short post but I just couldn’t believe that anyone I know would ever threaten a dogs life even if they hate dogs. Especially when their intent would be to just make a dog sick when rat poison attacks more than just the digestion system of a dog. It’s something that happens everyday either by accident or on purpose but rat poison is no laughing matter and it really irked me that she was making light of the issue.
At the school I go to, there was a guy in a wheel chair his dog was named skittles, I can’t remember exactly what skittles did for him I think maybe retrieved items for him maybe? But whatever the case was his last semester at the school skittles was poisoned on purpose. This was a disabled persons helper dog that was poisoned. The reason I know it was on purpose is because the poison was in food that was left outside this guys dorm room. A place that Skittles could easily get to. If it can happen at a small university in the middle of nowhere to a disabled man’s dog, what stops it from happening anywhere else. Skittles survived after a lot of vet bills and meds, but it was still sad because for a few months he wasn’t on campus to help out and make people happy.
It’s a problem, for the most part but it’s something that happens and people need to be aware of it especially as the summer months come upon us and more rodents appear. Maybe the next time you hear someone making light of giving rat poison to a dog maybe inform them that it isn’t just a matter of making them sick it’s a matter of killing the dog if the dosage is too much for the dog. It’s a serious problem and it isn’t anything to make fun of.  Isn’t my longest or most imformative entry but I hope by checking out the other sites you have been made aware of the issue and are a little bit more informed.
To end on a light note, a dog was rescued from falling in a ice frozen river. By the time authorities got to the river the dog was hypothermic. Officials were however able to warm the dog up and save it.