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Puppy Gift Package for the Holidays

December 14, 2011

Pets-any domesticated or tamed animal that is kept as a companion and cared for affectionately (

Kept as a companion, my my that is a very big responsibility. I have two family dogs of my own, Scout (13) and Leo (9) and I love them dearly. And albeit I love all animals, all dogs. So if someone were to get me a dog chances are I would love them. Sadly, that isn’t the case for all.

Buying a pet for someone isn’t ideal. I understand not everyone sees animals the way I do, living breathing, soul bearing creatures. (Others might argue they have no soul) but I simply can’t imagine that looking into their eyes.

Back to the point, they are living, breathing creatures and that’s a fact. So why subject them to a home that may not want them, which ultimately ends up with them being left on the street or put in a kill shelter. That cute little adorable puppy or kitten looking up at you with curious loving eyes, putting all their faith and ultimately their life in your hands doesn’t know what is coming at it.

Sure it could end up in a loving home that will keep it until death do us part but the sad fact of the matter is, it doesn’t end up that way in a lot of cases.

The weeks following the holidays is a busy time of year for the shelters and rescues. Those who wanted to see a child’s face light up with love for a new pet or a significant other giving their loved one a special present are giving more than just a present. They are giving a creature that needs love, care, and time.

Do some digging before buying a pet for a gift if that’s your ultimate goal, make sure that a) theĀ  person wants a pet, b) can afford a pet, c) can have a pet in current living situation and will be able to maintain living condition for years to come and d) is 100% ready for the responsibility.

For example I tell my boyfriend on a daily basis I want a dog, but add I can’t afford one. I under no circumstances would want a dog now mainly because I would go broke and hungry before even considering giving up a pet. Know your limitations and the limitations of the person the pet is for.

A pet costs a lot in time and money. It’s a lifetime commitment. If you can’t make that decision for yourself why would you for someone else especially a child who will also wind up heartbroken if the pet doesn’t stick around. Granted the child won’t be killed in a shelter once the pet is gone but they will miss the pet they almost had.

The San Francisco Bay Westie Club did a write up entitled “No Holiday Puppies!”

In it they suggest a Puppy Gift Package complete with a stuffed animal dog, a red bow, a crate and a gift certificate for your choice of dog. Granted this could be for any pet be it bird, bunny, or cat. Just change up the toy, cage and accessories.


Or this website gives a complete list of reasons why not to buy a pet for someone: