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Dogs Dogs and More Dogs

March 24, 2010

So this week I decided to try something new, instead of reporting on one subject, I decided to include a brief-ish paragraph on a few different articles in the news. Some good and Some bad.

So did you know in China, all’s you have to do to look rich is own a Tibetan mastiff? Crazy right using dogs for fashion and to show off wealth? According to the article in America these dogs only cost seven hundred dollars, but in China they can sell for thousands upon thousands. It’s kind of disgusting how they use dogs as status cues. I get that celebrities here use dogs to show off like Paris Hilton’s chihuahua but seriously in China? That’s a laugh and a half considering how they treat dogs on the streets. Dogs and cats are food items….”Dogs bark and whine behind high chain-link fences, some of them gnawing the wire so hard they bleed at the mouths while cats packed into crowded cages cower in fear if anyone approaches.” On the plus side according to several news articles including the one linked it talks about how legislation might pass that will ban eating cats and dogs so kudos for finally figuring that one out. They are also the country that decided to kill 36,000 stray dogs to get rid of rabies because I’m sure every dog had rabies right? China is most well known for it’s political party affiliations, but what really needs to be looked at is how they treat their animals, good job killing thousands of innocent animals but paying thousands to get a type of breed just to “look” rich. Man I tell you what I’m loving China more and more every day bahahaha.

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The Iditarod ended with no dog deaths this year, an 1100 mile race that has been around since 1973. Fun fact did you know that the Iditarod trail was what was used by gold rushers? Once they were dropped off in port they had to use dogs to get to their final destination. Oof but could you imagine 1100 miles to run in the freezing cold? According to the first article, 6 dogs died in 2009 alone during this race. Out of the 55 racers that finished this year no dog died, I’m amazed and quite pleased. That’s quite a feat for dogs, 2 weeks, 1100 miles. “Mushers attributed their teams overall health to the relatively good trail conditions, low temperatures and the lack of a major storm.” Kind of makes me want to watch Iron Will again! Happy thoughts though, maybe one day I’ll get to watch this historical race in action, and hope that this no dog dying thing becomes a trend instead of a one year fluke. Also check out the Iditarod official webpage, I hope I get to write from these press releases one day that’d be awesome!

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Maximum seven years in prison for a couple who let 5 “vicious” dogs run loose and attack 4 children who were with their mother walking. According to the article one dog was shot when trying to attack a police officer, which I understand that’s a thing with them. Can’t find the article now but a few months back there was an article about how police men shot a chihuahua puppy who was patiently waiting on it’s owners doorsteps to arrive home when it bit a policeman trying to pick it up. Owners returned to a bloody door, and a “he bit me” from the police. It was a puppy chihuahua so I’ve no doubt in my mind they’d kill a “vicious” dog. I put quotes because I don’t believe any dog is inherently vicious, I believe they have to be trained or raised to be vicious. The rest of the dogs were rounded up and caged until they could match the dogs to the bites. The ultimate plan for the dogs rounded up is to euthanize them. Considering the extent of the attack I suppose I’ll let that slip but when the dogs are killed and the owners who made them that way only get a max of 7 years prison which oh by the way hasn’t been decided if that’s what they are getting, that seems pretty messed up to me. They could easily get more dogs when they are free and do the same thing again, the owners are at fault not the dogs, lock them up for life, should be attempted murder via dog. Yeesh!

I sincerely hope you learned something from my blog today, I know the format is different and there are more topics covered, but the links provided give a lot of information I feel. I also think I covered each topic well enough. Let me know your thoughts on the new format and whether or not you feel you learned anything from it and what I can do to change it, or go back to the old format. Thank you for your feedback.