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Crazy Weird Dog Stories/ Puppy Mill busted Dogs sent to Chicago!

April 29, 2010

Several strange and crazy stories this week: First a man gets run over by a train while walking the dog? Yup very sad news, dog was ok but the owner was killed. It was apparently a coaster commuter train in California. Who would even think that would happen? I’m sure he wasn’t intentionally walking in the way of the train. I feel bad for his family hope they are doing alright. For those of you with dogs, be careful of where you walk the dog. Getting run over by a train is a bit out there but there are a lot of bad things that can happen while walking the dog, in a previous post someone got shot outside their own home because someone was threatened by the owners dog…craziness. Be careful and watch out for crazies.

Bad wind frees dogs! So animal control in Nevada where as it states in the article “Gusts reached 131 mph over the top of the Sierra Nevada and 97 mph in parts of southwest Reno on Tuesday.” 131 MPH!!! And the dogs were outside? I’m sorry but who’s irresponsible enough to leave their dog outside? Crazy people, the dogs could have been killed by flying debris, I mean seriously fences were broken, lawn chairs blown all over the place. Those 47 dogs are lucky to be alive! How stupid do you have to be to allow your dog to be outside in 131 MPH winds. I don’t care if the owner never lets their dog inside, with winds that high I think they could break the rules a little bit even if it’s just to save the animal.  Debris all over the place and these people just let their dogs loose, like what’d they think was going to happen? Did they not believe the weatherman, you’d think the high winds would work up to being that fast, there was warning and yet…they did nothing. Bravo…

The place where high winds don't scare the owners out of letting their dogs out...

Two pit-bulls found dead, the cause of death is believed to be severe neglect…In the article it states “”They basically starved to death,” said Suffolk County SPCA chief Roy Gross. “They suffered for quite a while.”” It’s bad enough that it’s pit-bulls a breed that is given way too much media, more often than not bad media. A breed that is hated on so much and so often gets a short blurb on how 2 were found starved in a trash bin. Oh goody glad they care enough to post more information, most articles will try to find someone who might have seen something or someone who lives/works in the area to comment. Seriously where’s the love? A blurb for 2 dogs found dead, I feel the pit-bulls are highly under appreciated. Are they intimidating, yes, are they stronger than a lot of dogs, yes. Are they uncontrollable and bad by nature, no. They are a breed that needs training and special care. Neglect and hate towards them and really any dog will make them mean. The problem is a lot of people get them for dog training and thus give them a bad rep. I personally wouldn’t own one because I don’t feel as though I could train it correctly and I wouldn’t feel comfortable, but despite that I don’t feel they deserve the bad media they get. No one ever focuses on the owner except in the Michael Vick case because he an effin celebrity. OMG a celebrity fucked up again, let’s highlight why and then skip to how that’ll screw with his career. Never mind focusing on why pit-bulls are why they are, and why they get the bad rep. This is lame, they need to get a lot more information out on this case and not a short blurb that simply states 2 pit-bulls found in trash bin apparently starved to death…effin lame.

Just a regular ol' pitbull wanting some love and care. This dog isn't a killer no way!

Chicago get’s rescued puppy mill doggies! That’s right people in Chicago get ready to start lookin for potential new family members. From Tennessee to the windy city, 100 puppies and full grown dogs are being brought in, saved from a puppy mill! If you don’t know what that is please refer to my previous post on it. In short it’s a mass breeding facility with horrid conditions for the dogs. In the article it states that “the city has more than 300 dogs in its shelters, about 65 of which have had their shots, have been spayed or neutered, and are ready to go.” Yay for saving dogs from puppy mills, that’s a win for puppy advocates everywhere. It’s always nice to hear when a puppy mill has been busted. Hope those SOB’s get what they deserve for running a puppy mill. For more information on adopting the dogs as it states in the article “Dogs, cats and other animals up for adoption by the city can be viewed at the city animal shelter, 2741 s. Western Av., Wednesday through Friday 4-7 p.m., and weekends from 12 noon until 3 p.m. and 4-7 p.m.”

How can you say no to these faces!!! Click on the picture to see more they are sooo adorable!!

The link to this photo and more can be found here! Check them out they are so adorable and all these pups and dogs are deserving of loving,caring forever homes or at the very least foster homes to show them what real love is all about.

In other brief news Firefighters rescue dog from…wait for it…an electrical recliner! That’s right folks an old dog at a retirement home got saved from a chair no less. All whilst giving the ladies the chance to check out the young firefighters. You almost have to wonder if they did it on purpose. Haha just kidding but I’m sure it was a very thrilling day for that retirement home.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) pays to put advertisements on dying comedians urn? 200 bucks to put advertisements such as “One of the PETA ads will say: “I’ve Kicked the Bucket — Have you? Boycott KFC.” The other reads: “People who Buy Purebred Dogs Really Burn Me Up. Always Adopt.”” on Aaron Jamison’s urn. A comedian from Oregon. Although admittedly I’m a bit offended by the second ad. My parents bought purebred, I love my dogs, I see no problem with buying purebred, those dogs need homes. Are their cases as urgent as the none purebred dogs, certainly not. There are purebreds in the shelters but I see no problem with not adopting. I personally feel as though I’ll adopt from a shelter but that’s me. I think PETA is wayyy too one-minded. Paid octo-mom a couple grand to put a sign in her yard about not letting pets be like her. Ok that’s great, but people can have a choice, I agree with the spaying and neutering sign but to say always adopt, way to take the choice out all dogs need home not just shelter dogs. I will however say seeing shelter dog pics is heartbreaking and if you have the choice, consider it before you blow it off. My parents have their reasons for only getting purebreds and that’s fine by me. I’ll adopt when/if I can ever afford to have a dog. Although with this economy and how much I’ll be paying in taxes after recent laws being passed…well anyways if I can get a dog I will adopt.

Another crazy/wacky story, in Australia blind man’s dog gets booted from restaurant for being “gay.” Wow really? Even if it was a gay dog why the heck does it matter????? It’s a dog people!  Article states, “The tribunal on Friday ordered the restaurant to pay Jolly 1,500 dollars (1,400 US) and offer him a written apology for discriminating against him on the grounds of disability.” Well that’s what the restaurant gets for being just plain stupid. Apparently you can put a price on stupidity…

Pit-bull running loose on roads slows morning commute. Dog did nothing wrong but get away from its owner during a walk. Man doesn’t know if it’s his dog but he believes it is. If someone has a picture or even a video of this dog I would hope he’d be able to identify it as his for sure or not but oh well whatever. Article states, ”
The dog’s weaving in and out of traffic appeared to slow down drivers and bring others to a complete stop. At times the dog looked like it was running the Arlington Million, at others it resembled a hurried jaywalker. And whoever said dogs aren’t smart didn’t see this one. Appearing to have enough of the traffic, the pit bull exited the expressway at the 1st Avenue ramp in Maywood and headed south for the woods.” Smart dog hope he get’s home alright. Hopefully he’s found by authorities before some jackass with a vendetta against pit-bulls gets at him. The dog can be as sweet as can be but if it trusts human’s too much because of its breed and human preconception about the breed that trust could land the dog in a whole lot of trouble…eek hope he gets home safely!